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  1. So I got an acid peel done 3 days ago, AND LAST NIGHT IN THE SHOWER... I was feeling my face and decided to pick out some whiteheads... they came out quite easily in the shower, without much force... just a bit of a nudge. I woke up this morning and I see 4 inflamed red spots in the places I picked out my whiteheads. No scarring, but pink spots. These are the 'fresh' bright pink ones... not the old purples/brown discoloured ones. Is there a way I can take the redness away or salvage them befor
  2. Hey guys and girls, My face used to be so filled with pimples I would be unable to tell between a cyst and pustule a papule a comedone a blackhead etc... and I've recently started to get clear. I have this new bump forming on my cheek. It's just a slight elevation - it is not inflamed: it ain't red, it ain't painful. Even when I use my fingertips to poke it a bit, it's not the slightest bit sore. It also isn't old, just noticed it last night. Is it acne? Normally when I put glycolic acid on
  3. I have been doing 40% glycolic peels at home for myself. I am not going to discourage it nor am I going to encourage it. It should be your own decision. All I have to say is that it has improved my skin.
  4. If you find it is working for you, you should stick with it. One of the biggest mistakes of acne sufferers is their tendency to switch from product to product thinking that there is another better product. I understand that acne sucks and we're all desperate to get rid of it, but if you find it working even the slightest, you should stick with it to see if your skin continues to improve. improvement in 3 weeks is pretty impressive already!
  5. Hi Hg, I am also a proud Benzaclin user! I swear by this stuff, it works miracles on my skin! One thing I've noticed is that if I don't moisturize after benzaclin, i actually tend to break out! My skin is naturally dry so benzaclin causes excess dryness. I mix jojoba oil with my favourite moisturizer and pat it on my skin gently 10 minutes after I apply benzaclin. It really helps with the flakiness. I swear you should try it. Like you, I used to think that layering anything over benzaclin woul
  6. Congrats Belloni! I'm envious!! I've been working on my dark spots too (Asian descent also, HOLLA!!) Please don't forget to update us on your progress!
  7. Hey guys! I'm almost clear and I have my fingers crossed that my skin will keep improving. Lately (here in Canada), we experienced a sudden change in temperature. Last week it was still okay to walk around with a sweater in the afternoon but now you'd be freezing if you don't wear your jacket. I've noticed a change in my skin. That I get flakier but oilier! Does anyone else experience the same changes? I also note that I have gotten one or two small new pimples. Does your skin tend to get bet
  8. I was wondering what products all of you recommend for on-the-spot and on-the-go. I like something that doesn't have color and is invisible. All your recommendations are appreciated!
  9. I'm a real person and I tried Murad and it worked. I like how the regimen is quick and easy to follow. However it was too expensive for me to continue using.
  10. Uneducated Idiots???? I am a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, and I am very well educated, and take offense to that statement. Have you ever read urine culture results??? I am guessing not. Not every urine specimen is sterile...most, but not all, have bacteria. Such as: Ecoli. Gram Beta Strep, Staph, Klebsiela, white blood cells (pus) and that is just the top of the list....That does not seem to me something that I would be running to put on my skin. What kills the acne bacteria is the acid in
  11. Hi! I got my first microdermabrasion yesterday, at a skincare clinic. Results are fantastic. I am scheduled for another one next week. My questions are: 1. If I have a goal to get rid of red marks, how often should i be getting a microderm treatment? My skin is not sensitive and I am on Vitamin A. 2. I know we are advised to wear sunblock when going outdoors after microderm. Today I didn't wear any sunblock and I was in the car for two hours (long drive). My windows are tinted, am I getting