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    i LOVE eating(especially king's island), napping(every chance i get), watching tv/movies(desp. housewives and v for vendeta amongst others), shopping(A&F rules my world), and caffiene(adrenaline rush+orange juice=YUM and also white chocolate mocha w/ a shot of hazelnut from starbucks is blissful)
  1. i totally get what you're saying. one time i was so bad that i sat in class and stared at this overweight somewhat unattractive girl, thinking to myself "why did god waste perfect skin on someone like that instead of giving it to me?!" and then i snapped back to reality and realized what a HORRIBLE thought that was. everyone has some flaw that they try to hide, but why be ashamed of it? so what the girl/guy of your dreams passes you up b/c of acne, they don't deserve if they treat people like th
  2. if you don't REALLY like her, then why are you so worried about it? honestly she'd be kinda shallow if she turned you away because you told her the truth, and if that's the case you'd be better off without her anyways.
  3. i just want to thank everyone who has replied and given me advice (well except for reply #4....yea...i'm not sure if that relates to the problem at all, lol). but anyways like i was saying, the advice that was given really did help and i'm def. going to put it to use and officially claim that my new years resolution is to end my picking addiction (and probably to actually go to spanish this semester too). THANKS EVERYONE!
  4. yea i totally got it from my mom AND my aunt too! i'm SO glad there is someone out there with some advice. i mean i knew i wasn't the only one suffering with this.....but sometimes it feels that way. anyways, thank you sooo much for the advice, i'll definitely try it out tomorrow night!
  5. i've been suffering with acne since i was in fifth grade and i'm now a freshman in college. it's not severe, but it's definitely not just a randomly mild outbrake here or there either. my problem is that every night when i go to wash my face i can't help but to look in the mirror and basically attack my face by picking everything in sight. i'll pick, squeeze, etc., and i don't stop until it bleeds or i absolutely can't get anything to come out. i know this is a problem and after i do it i feel h