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  1. hey recently been diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. very mild, small spot on the left corner of my mouth, but i use biore 4 in 1 revitalizing cleanser, have for like 3 yrs. don't have a huge issue with acne, a couple when im going to start my period. i use bp 2.5% thats why i dont have acne really. i really think from what i've read that going sulfate free in a cleanser will help, i've already started on detergent free of dyes and perfumes. i love something that foams when you pump it, an
  2. hey i've been a runner (400 and 800) from junior high all the way through college, so 11 years in all. what you need to make sure is to not always run on the treadmill, but at the same time if its cold or snowy where you live you may not be able to help it. if that's the case keep it to a few days a week, and alternate with an elliptical which is no pounding but still a decent workout. like every one else said because its still warm run outside on grass and dirt trails. some people dont m
  3. is it an acne causer? i work out alot and i figured i would be good to replenish and give me a good dose of iron (im slightly anemic). will it cause acne? mine is currently very mild and i have a regimen, which includes birth control and 50mg of zinc every day.
  4. hey all i have a question about the regimen and face, contact/irritation. i've been going to the chiropractor for a hip problem, and when you go you lie face down on the table. there's a clean sheet of paper around a hole for the face, like those tables where you get a massage in, but i'm afriad that I could be irritating all around the sides of my face because im laying directly on my face and applying pressure. could this cause a breakout or a couple of pimples possibly?
  5. okay been awhile since i posted so i'm going to begin as some things have changed. for a while i went off of zinc pills (about a week), because i thought a multivitamin might help and it already had zinc in it. unfortunately it wasn't enough zinc and i've been breaking out. i finally decided to go back on zinc and even bought cheleated zinc this time because it's supposed to absorb better in the body. i also switched a few small things in the regimen of mine, mostly just the moisturizer beca
  6. foaming cleansers work best for my oily combo skin, trust me i know. all the other kind sit on my face and build up gunk and dry skin. is there a gentle foaming cleanser out there on the market that will work with the regimen. i currently use biore 4 in 1 foaming cleanser, but i feel as though there are irritating ingredients that are keeping me from getting clear...please help! Oh and does dan's bp help with oil control, i do have somewhat oily skin b/c of summer and just in general, so i us
  7. oh and i havent really been too gentle w/ my skin (lots of stress from work and not enough sleep, but this week i'm going to be changing that!!!) i'm also really truly going to start eating healthier this week b/c i think that is a big factor for me, even if it doesn't affect my acne, i do feel worse when i eat crappy fast food all the time
  8. hey all just checking in. it's day seven of my regimen. currently i have 3 pimples that are small and red, one on my forehead, nose, and high left cheek by my nose. the 4 or 5 i had popped have already scabbed and healed over and are now just scars, which the AHA will hopefully deal with. On another note, i have just started birth control today (ortho tri cyclen lo). i'm really just using it for a contraceptive, but i heard it can help acne. mine is so mild anyways though, so i'm just hop
  9. hey, quick question for you ladies taking bcp for acne. do you have to start the first sunday of your period, or can you start on a sunday even though you havent had your period yet? theres alot of mixed answers, and the nurse practitioner said i could start this sunday w/out having my period yet, but i want to be sure it is still effective if i do this.....
  10. Hey I've gotten ortho tri cyclen lo as birth control and also to hopefully help a lil bit with my acne. The nurse practitioner at the planned parenthood said i could start taking it this sunday even though i haven't started my period yet (i'm due sometime in the next 2 weeks, but I'm often irregular and jump around so it could be longer). the packet says wait until the first day of your period or the first sunday after your period starts though, so i didn't know if it was safe and effective t
  11. okay it's only day 1 of my regimen technically, totally too early to tell, but so far so good. the more gentle i am the more my skin likes me! the 4 or 5 pimples i popped are scabbing up more quickly, and the other 4 or 5 pimples i did not touch are already fading, two have all but disappeared. yay. on a bad note i have just learned that i have a urinary tract infection, so i have to take ciprofloxacin antibiotic for a couple of days. i heard that this is actually good for acne, because th
  12. Hey all here's what i want to begin using for my regimen, all of these products i have used separately at one point in time and they each worked well, so i figure if i put them together it will be success! My acne is usually mild, but at the moment I have about 6 or so pimples, some blackheads, a few stubborn whiteheads, and 4 or 5 pimples that i popped (bad I know!) so they are gross scabs right now. Mostly all of my pimples are around my mouth and aren't anything cystic or huge, but big enoug
  13. ya i'm really oily too, and i either use clean and clear oil absorbing sheets or toilet paper, to gently dab off the oil. it's not really sweat, even though it feels like it, so it doesn't warrant another washing. plus ur taking off the cream in the middle of the day that the derm perscribed, so then there is NOTHING fighting your acne between the afternoon washing and before you go to bed washing. and ur just making any acne more irritated with all the washing. and u said u were using soap to
  14. honest to goodness, i used to have bad acne as well, not nearly as bad as your breakout, in high school and some of college. i started using a gentle facewash, gentle toner, some people use apple cider vinegar or just something w/out alcohol, and 2.5% bp morning and night. after awhile i incorporated 50 mg of zinc, which seemed to totally clear up my hormonal acne around my mouth that was lingering. it took a couple weeks, but was worth it. i found that when i used harsh products like SA was