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  1. 200mg of ALA is nothing. I take about 10g of fish oil daily.
  2. If you want to drop water weight, cut your carbohydrate intake down (i.e. no more than 100g per day, for several days) each gram of carbohydrate stores 3g of water with it. *Edit You can also cut your sodium intake down drastically. Sodium retains water.
  3. Well, it's been a couple of weeks now and I have been using jojoba relatively consistently (i.e. at least 1x daily, if not 2x). I also tend to use quite a generous amount. Overall, I haven't noticed a dramatic effect at all. I've broken out a few times as well, but I don't know if that can be attributed to the oil. I'll update again next week.
  4. I've been using jojoba oil for 1 week now, applying it 2x daily with a generous dose. I have not had any clogged pores/acne that can be attributed to the jojoba oil. In fact, the clogged pores that I had around my nose are starting to disappear slowly.
  5. I dont really have any acne, just need to work on my overall skin tone. I have some light clogging of the pores around my nose, and the Blackhead Clearing Scrub did nothing for it, even after consistent use over many, many weeks. However, if you do have acne, pairing this product with the Contiuous control cleanser is probably a good idea. I have currently moved on to St. Ive's Apricot scrub, leaves my skin feeling smooth. Hopefully it will even up my skin tone over time.
  6. Thanks for the replies, but how many asiprin tabs and water do you use to make a mask?
  7. 1. What kind of aspirin do you use, coated, non-coated? Something else? A brand name would help. 2. How do you make the mask, ie how many tabs mixed in how much water? 3. How long do you leave it on each time? Do you rub it at all, or just slather it on the face and leave it? 4. How many times a week do you use the mask? (I have normal skin). Thank you.
  8. Well I was using botchla's regimen for quite a while, but I was still breaking out occasionally (I don't have much acne anyways). Then I started using just using a BP wash once at night. I've been doing this for many months and I haven't had a single breakout in a LONG time. Now I'm using BP wash every other night, and cleaning my face with cetaphil soap. I quite honestly believe less is more when it comes to acne.