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  1. ejny

    Have you found anything else to slow down the osteoma cutis??

  2. I've had these stubborn deep hard bumps under my skin for years, almost 2 decades now. They looked like acne and were mildly pigmented so my skin never looked clear even when I had no active acne for years. No dermatologist has been able to tell me what they were till now. I've had laser and cautery for some of them, but it wasnt enough. When it was superficially done it did nothing to flatten the bumps, only created wounds on top of them. When the doctor went in deep (created an open, wet wound
  3. Actually my frustration is entirely from the lack of communication from this ridiculous company. Now I cannot even access the site unless I use a proxy, then the site miraculously loads instantly. I don't even know what the problem is. Was there a misunderstanding? Was there a problem somehow with my credit card? No word from them whatsoever. Just a ban, apparently even my IP address has now been banned, and I don't even know why. I swear I've done absolutely nothing wrong. I join the minority
  4. Well the only response I've received so far from the CEO is to redirect me to the helpdesk which banned me in the first place. This is the most bizarre, unprofessional encounter I've ever had in more than a decade of online shopping.
  5. i just want to add that the last time I've had any form of forum participation at all was years ago, as I'm now a busy working mum in my 30s... But if you check my posts you'll see I've been posting on this forum since 2002, and am a non-offensive, reasonable person. I am bewildered by the lack of explanation and being banned from their help desk. I emailed the CEO at [email protected] and am awaiting her response. I had purchased the derminator, some rollers and needles, and an ointmen
  6. I bought about 260 USD worth of products from owndoc yesterday to treat some hyper pigmentation and boxcar scars... To my shock my money was refunded without explanation, and when I submitted a ticket to ask why, I was promptly banned. Am genuinely shocked.. Never experienced this in all my years of online shopping. Anyone had the same experience? What could be the reason? Could it be my location? I'm from singapore, but have no idea why this would merit such rude treatment. I've also never
  7. Thanks Cand, your post is very reassuring. I am 2.5 weeks and feeling discouraged. I have used all these chemicals -- AHAs, Retin A, HQ at some point in my life, just not so intensively or for so long. I do see freckles on the sides of my face fading but I never minded those anyway. It's those darn persistent brown marks on my cheeks that have been hanging around for years that bug me. They haven't improved that much. I will keep plugging on. Nice of you to take the time to write such detailed
  8. Hey Cand, I'm using Obagi too, on week 1. I think you're gorgeous by the way---looked at all your pictures! Just wondering, do you feel Obagi improved your skin permanently (Even though you've stopped using it)? And did you ever use moisturiser to help with the dryness? I'm so dry and wrinkly right now that I look about 82 although I am 29.
  9. well i know what DOESN'T work, poking a needle at it yourself! Almost a month later and I still have these nasty brown marks from my D-I-Y surgery + all my "milia". What else doesn't work-- years of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, retin A, differin, chemical peels, microdermabrasion. Will see a derm by end of this month and update. I suspected as much from the way you describe it. That's why I posted the link to a picture of it in my first post with a disclaimer. Does your condition look like
  10. First, lay off the squeezing. If you first squeeze and nothing happens, stop trying. Your best bet is to go to a dermatologist to get a diagnosis. You may not have milia. There are many other perfectly treatable conditions that look a bit like milia, but are not. If they are milia, the derm can extract them. If they're not milia, they can be treated.
  11. I just tried your methods.. NOTHING CAME OUT OF IT, pun intended!!! 1 hour later I'm left with about 6 holes on my bruised, red face. My milia is on my cheeks, and the moment I poke, then squeeze, it seems like blood swells to the area and I can't see the bump anymore. Still I tried squeezing--- both with hands and with a tweezer. nothing but blood. In desperation I tried the most obvious hard bump I had... same effect, swelling, and just blood oozing out. GrrRrrRr.. so frustrating. Maybe it
  12. I finally know what the difference between whiteheads and milia is. You can squeeze whiteheads out if you're persistent enough, you get this white cheesy thing oozing out. But for milia, it would be very difficult and painful to. I've had the same hard bumps under my skin for years but I never knew what they are, just that squeezing doesn't help and they never go away. They commonly occur around the eyes, but I have them on my cheek and I REALLY hate them. For people who've had experience remo
  13. I love this! It's purging my pores and letting all the other stuff i put on my face sink in better. I've been on this board for years and jumped on so many bandwagons when it comes to products and nothing produced results like this one. Not the lactic acid, the glycolic acid, the mandelic acid, the Pure Deming Serum, the copper peptides, blah blah .... What u get is much smooooother skin. You can leave it on longer, it works better. It's got 277 mostly positive reviews on MUA right now.
  14. Think of a goal that would excite and inspire you... and use that to motivate yourself out of inertia.
  15. you really need to change derms. My brother had far worse acne than i did but his derm refused to give him accutane while mine suggested it to me... esp when you've tried so much different stuff. accutane will work.