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  1. Porn doesnt really do it for me plus im hesitant to click on those sites, strip clubs are my weakness. lol The most I went was 3 weeks.
  2. Probably been discussed but I'm guessing/hoping wet dreams dont count lol
  3. What do you think are the worst foods for skin. I'm guessing ice cream, soda and milk. I've replaced cows milk with almond and avoid the others. Hopefully it will help. My face is usually worse during the summer anyway.
  4. Seems like adult acne is rare, especially for males. I'm one of the unlucky few.
  5. Ordered Panacid from Amazon due to the good reviews.
  6. Hi , I'm just curious of your opinions on this. I've been using clearade (the liquid version of clear5) for about six months with mixed results. It mostly helped with my nose/face being less oily and somewhat with acne. They recently discontinued it and now only sell clear5 pills. I called up the company and they said theres no info on why it discontinued. I found another website which sells a liquid form of b5 called clear complexion. I saw some reviews of the product section on this website .
  7. Went almost 3 weeks and my face was still pretty bad. I'll try not to do it more than once a week but not sure it plays that big a role.
  8. Didnt think there was a link before but now I do. Had more free time last month and started doing it 2-3 times per week. Got some bad breakouts. I'll try to reduce it to my usual once a week, maybe try for less.
  9. I hear you, it seems like very few adults have acne , especially males.
  10. I ordered acne.org bp and cleanser through amazon and getting a bit concerned because today is the last day for the expected delivery. I ordered the products on Dec 23 , not sure if this is due to the holidays. Running out of cream and hope I dont have to use neutrogena.
  11. I hear you, around the same age and similar story. I used benzac ac bp 2.5 for awhile wich worked pretty well then it was discontinued. I've been using acne.org bp with mixed results. I tried to ween off bp last year and got some nasty breakouts, now back on it twice a day.