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  1. I believe zits are love from your body for your spirit. Let's face it, if you look at this forum it's fair to admit that zits change you quit a bit, they make you more self-conscience and make you aware of how to take care of your body, not all downers if you ask me. It's all love it's all love, everybody knows puberty fucks with your body, nobody counts your zits, just hormones in the end, every cure or whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean or remedy's all work different for everyone. If i
  2. You do not have to stand up for this girl. I think you should divide your attention among your friends, when you're with your friends distance yourself from this girl, and if any of your friends ask anything, tell them to ask her, be firm.
  3. So, a self-destructing habit is stopping you from forming relationships with people you like? Take the advice and talk to a professional, you'll feel good about going in the end. Cause we all have them, you just need to accept it to so you can change your life in the way that you want to.
  4. Dude, that's like, exactly what I'm saying, maybe you should read it again.
  5. It's not that people don't understand it, because I'm sure they can imagine it. I mean to be honest, it doesn't have to be acne on your face to experience insecurities, a nose for example can do that for some. What people don't want to think about is that there are certain bad extras that come with acne, cause now you have to do this whole routine or 10, plus the most annoying emotion of all because it creates this frame, in which you are in powerless because you don't know how you're gonna lo
  6. You can prevent this problem next time by not hiding.
  7. Moisturize first, wait 10 minutes and put Vaseline over it, should help.
  8. Just wanted to say that it helped a lot, my redmarks are a good 60% less visible, thanks a lot.
  9. Thanks for the post, going on vacation today for a week or 2, gonna try out what you said. I hope I get the same results.
  10. You don't need to learn anything, everything'll happen in time. You'll start noticing yourself thinking less and less about your skin in about 2 weeks from now, you'll grow into a new state of mind and new routines, just wait it out, and goodluck.
  11. Good posts, keep it up.