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  1. shit your right, i always break out from eating eggs, thx for clearing out the imbalance in the fats, from now on, i'm only going to have 1 egg, and then like 6 egg whitse.
  2. responce to this:: A study was done that showed that a high protein, low GI diet helped gave acne sufferers an average 85% improvement in their acne. Another point: Insulin increases IGF-1 which increases keratinization of the pores, increasing the odds that they will get plugged. Well this didn't affect me at all when I was working out, but as soon as I added a lot of eggs, and egg whites for protein in my diet I suddenly broke out a fuck load more. I conclude. theory. Certain foods fo
  3. well it depends, do you enjoy hanging around other people? me I honestly don't care much, so rather I'm partying or at home, it doesn't make much of a difference to me. If you personally enjoy partying, and socialising, I suggest you get right up on it !! call some old friends up, or go on facebook/myspace..... there is no such thing as no life. if you personally enjoy your state of your life as a whole, then i don't see a problem. if you don't, there's always room for improvement. hope i
  4. eekk. i dunno but working out = stress stress = acne working out = sweat sweat on body = acne since its easier for bacteria to accumulate eating so much protein = not good for you (good for muscle, but its a lot) = more stress = more acne protien shakes = ? questionable.
  5. J.C.: if you are losing weight from breakfest its either a) muscle b) water therefore, your losing either nothing (water), or precious muscle, therefore wasting your time. stop being so silly, breakfest is the most important meal in the day load up on carbs here, ull burn them during the day newayts. go to a nutritionist forum for help That's what I found too. People who don't eat breakfast lose weight easily, but is that healthy? I guess not! Where the hell did you hear this from? thats
  6. umm.. it will only affect it slightly. the thing is.. i worked out for 1 year, had acne. i stopped working out for 1 month, my skin cleared up pretty well, and now everybody flirts with me, because i have a) nice body and nice face, since i dont eat 4000 cals everyday. but im going back to working out man, who cares about ladie permenant body > temporary acne and dude, i noticed only a small difference, or NONE AT ALL when I stopped poppin protein sups. dont stress it dude.
  7. Well im starting to gell my hair, so how should I wash it off before going to bed-time??? thanks.
  8. Good for you ! We all have different skin, so if it's working for you, DEFINETELY continue on it. Make sure you take pictures for your-self, because I got in a zone saying ... 1 more week... until it got so bad my mom told me I had to stop.
  9. It's funny, cause I was in the same boat as you. Confidence > looks. Whenever I'm confident, I have random girls talking to me. Im sure your a great guy ! A bit of confidence can go a long way.
  10. OK well ever since I've been on proactiv. I notcied 2 things. 1) No oil coming out of my skin. 2) NO WHITEHEADS AT ALL. These are the positives, right? The negatives, there's too many too list. Some of them are, 7 pimples ---> 67 pimples at end of my 6 weeks on it. small pimples ----> huge inflamed anyways, i stopped using it 2 days ago. and now on some other stuff (retin-a, clindoxyl) first time in 6 weeks I had some whiteheads. wow I went today to school, and I sat down, and some
  11. why are u using proactiv? it just has a name brand on it. and plus theres frgranaces on it, which probably irritates ur skin more.
  12. do some research on the zinc. try some herbal teas. too.
  13. how do you get 50grams of sugar in a day? what are you eating thats so high ???????????????? i dont even think i get 15 , unless im on a cheat day. anyways. If you really want to go serious, go on a detox diet, otherwise on normal days. lots of fruits + veggies. LOW GI CARBS. never any WHIT CARBS. OATMEAL IS EXCELLENT for u, 39 grams of carbs in 1 serving, complex carb, great bulk food, yum yum. milk = good for you too, 9 grams of protein. eat that. HONEY is a no -no, brown sugar is no
  14. take fish oil. flax seed will give you cancer. serach it on google.