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  1. Leo doesn't have perfect skin. He had acne as a young adult. Broadway favorite Jonathan Groff has rather large and extensive scarring on the the outer rim of his face and temples. Director of the Evil Dead reboot film. Pretty boy Lee Pace has some scarring. Liev Schrieber... He also has a rather large, deep scar on the other side of his face. Michael Fassbender had acne as a young adult.
  2. There are so many more people on the list. Adam Levine likes to parade around on Proactiv commercials even though I'm sure he doesn't use it. And he has some scarring that he fails to mention in the commercials. These se people didn't let acne scarring keep them from being successful.
  3. I was watching "Silent Hill" the other day and couldn't help but notice Kit Harrington's skin in one seen. He obviously has large scars that look like cuts as well as many tiny acne scars. I am am an avid viewer of "Game of Thrones," and never have I ever noticed a single scar on Kit Harrington's face. But these pictures are hard to dismiss. I have a theory as to why this is: Kit Harrington is known for not wanting people to take pictures of him. Could this be because how his skin looks can