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  1. Heyo brotha if ya ever hear from Effendi can ya tell her Jaxin says hi:)....thanks dude.

  2. you have a big eye

  3. Death Note!!!~ Code Geass is giving it a run for its money though!

  4. Thanks walter =) x

  5. I wouldn't mind at all.

  6. Hey walter, thanks for your chat a while ago. I've been talking to lots of different people with different views since then. I'm going to write an article about young people's views on religion and would love to ask you some questions if you dont mind. You dont have to though no worries. I'm still undecided about myself lol. x

  7. Haha, I like the Death Note reference in your sig. :)

  8. Wow every comment I leave you is about Twilight...but have you seen the new trailer?

    It's amazing!

  9. I've been okay, been better, but I'm doing pretty well.

  10. Hey you! I've been ok...actually, not really

    . Life is hard right now, but it's alright. I haven't talked to you in so long. How are things??