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  1. hey razz, i havent had the blue peel done but i was on the exfoderm for ages. I think the obagi treatment system is to prep your skin because the peel. Have u been using any obagi products before?
  2. Hey nantie i have had breakouts aswell after fraxel, but mines was more like small milia outbreaks. Have these bumps of yours cleared up since your last treatment or what? I think theres been quite a few people who have mentioned of having some kind of breakout after having fraxel.
  3. Just wondering, if you dont manage to keep the time consistent between each fraxel treatment, will the results be less effective? Its just that its so expensive at times to afford it every month.
  4. How use all getting on anyway with fraxel. Are use seeing any improvements? Ive had three treatments so far, and at the minute cant see any big difference, but im gonna try get at least five treatments and judge it after that. Im hoping to get some kind of results from it.
  5. Hey jweibel ive had numerous treatments of nlite in the past for acne and acne scarring. Didnt see any results from it at all. Really disappointed with it. In my case n lite didn't cause any further scarring but it certainly didn't help with the ones that were already there. Try looking into fraxel. Thats what im having done at the moment for indentations and scarring. Its supposed to be the closest thing to invasive lasers such as CO2/Erbium but yet it is still a non-invasive procedure. Ive
  6. Hey thanks for all the comments. At least i know im not on my own. Yeah as unhappenstance said it seems to be small milia outbreaks, not acne in my case. My cheeks and jawline (affected areas from fraxel) where covered in lots of them. Just the fact there were so many of them made it quite sore. Glad some of use experienced the same because i was worried it was a bad infection of some sort. Cheers Ann for the comment ...yeah i guess its safer to be on antibiotics while on fraxel. Unhappensta
  7. Hi just wondering if anyone has experienced a bad breakout after having fraxel treatment. This always happens to me after each treatment. Its like pustules of some sort and they can be a bit sore. I am on antibiotics to control acne whilst having fraxel, so i dont know why im breaking out so bad. It usually appears the day after treatment but clears up a few days later. Does anyone else experience this?
  8. Does anyone know if fraxel can be combined with other procedures in order to get better results in treating scarring. If so what would be the most effective treatment. Also, Is there a limit to the level of scarring fraxel can treat. I mean would it help deep scarring aswell as shallow scars. Sorry for all the questions, i just want to find out a bit more info on fraxel. Any information would be much appreciated Thanks!
  9. I think n lite is supposed to be good for broken capillaries
  10. Congratulations elsewhere on your new job. Hope it works out well for you. Good luck and all the best!
  11. Good questions. Well Ive been on accutane before and when on it my skin became very dry with very little oil. This in turn cleared up my cystic acne. After been off it now for a couple of years i would say my skin oil now is normal. Nothing like it was before, which was bad. Youre skin will still produce oil after tane, its natural, but not as much. And during your treatment spell the acne should be well cleared up. Thats only my experience anyway lol...hope it helps. Good luck!
  12. Yeah its called Elicina. I also researched it, but as snowman said, i think it seems a bit too good to be true. I dont think theres any skin cream that treats acne scarring really, they only just help in smoothing the skin texture.
  13. Yeah accutane will definately help. The acne on youre right cheek doesn't seem to be as bad. Did you're derm recommend accutane or are you thinkin of going on it?
  14. Yeah i googled 'acne' aswell, and the first site from the results was Acne.org. As a new member myself I haven't got a bad thing to say about the org. In my opinion its structured well, its very informative and everyones very supportive.