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    hey My name is Hunter<br /><br /><br />I like:<br /><br />skateboarding<br />camping<br />being with friends<br />going to movie<br />girls, lol<br />music<br />food<br />anime<br />and anything fun really haha
  1. is it possible to get a derm to check out the site once in a while?
  2. i shave before so that i can manually wash off any little piece of hair that ive trimmed
  3. try lowering the amount of bp you use maybe evan once a day if necesary
  4. try to do excersize first thing in the morning upon waking then do your morning regimen after
  5. BP may cause red marks because it slows the skin healing time down and all the free radicals arent helping much either but you would prob get red marks with cysts regardless
  6. the regimen takes 6-12 weeks to work this seems like a random streek of good luck
  7. tonyhawk


    you might want to lay off the products and give your skin some room to breathe you may be irritating your skin
  8. try an electric shaver for a week and see if it helps otherwise you might ingrown hair infection in need of antibiotics
  9. if you have cystic acne go see a derm
  10. green tea speeds up your metabolism by 3 percent so eat more
  11. you can tell when you need to exfoliate because your skin is dull and you can see dead skin
  12. put the multi in a glass of water if it doesnt desolve properly in 15 minutes it means it does nothing
  13. where can i get probiotics in houston?