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  1. You may be able to workaround the issue by hitting the enter key on your keyboard instead of clicking the "Go" button. I'll see if the search popup can move a little to the left to resolve this issue.
  2. Try going to this URL to switch to Spider skin... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Announcem...1&skinid=27
  3. What is the error message you receive? You might want to try resizing your images smaller, since uploading large images can sometimes lead to errors.
  4. coke zero was only win because i was addicted to it for a while. i should avoid artificial sweeteners... it's probably not healthy.

  5. why does coke zero equal win? Aspartame is definitely not a win...well for me.

  6. I believe this has been broken for a while. The gallery doesn't appear to be compatible with another piece of software on the site. Eventually, the message board and gallery may be upgraded to their latest versions, and this should resolve any issues we have. Unfortunately, I have no ETA for this.
  7. Can you try deleting all of your cookies set by acne.org? You can use the link on the message board index: "Delete cookies set by this board"
  8. I think the biggest factor in the products going bad is the amount of air in the bottle/tube. The more air, the faster it will go bad. If possible, squeeze the air out as best as you can and close it up tight. Also, you'll want to keep it at room temperature (above freezing and below 80 degrees or so).
  9. Alright, thanks for the info. So do I get the tracking number email when the products ship out? thanks! I believe the email is sent when the labels are printed. So, if you ordered last night then you should have received a tracking number by email already.
  10. The only page where the overall rating isn't shown next to the image picture is on the "Latest 6 Reviews" section. In this section, it just shows the user rating. When you mouse over the "blue beans" rating it should tell you the rating as a numerical value.