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  1. Well I normally dont take the shake I was talking about. It was a weight gainer shake which i dont usually take. I take muscle milk normally which says it only has 2 grams of sugar. It also has a ton of vitamins.
  2. I always thought fruit was good for you. I eat a good amount of pineapple and strawberries just because they help me after a workout. Is there any bread which I can eat?
  3. What are some foods that are high in sugar besides candy?
  4. Yea I was thinking that was the reason. I was hesitant about taking it then I just did it and now I know never to do it again.
  5. I'm not really stressing over it.. ive had acne for 5 years now. I just found it strange how when i take a protein shake with almost 100 grams of sugar I break out like crazy, the worst ive broken out probably all winter and winter is when i break out the most.
  6. Hey everyone, I used to come on here a few years ago when I had mild facial acne, and moderate to severe neck and back acne. I went on a course of accutane and it was amazing i was clear for months after. Well I am again suffering from some acne but nothing like before. My neck acne is extremly mild and my back is cured. Now I have persistent jawline and chin acne. I will be clear for like 3 days then wake up one morning with 5-6 large red pimples on my chin or jawline. My question and concern
  7. To tell you the truth i didnt go back to my derm, I dont lsiten to them anymore. Everything they did on me didnt work, so screw em. I finished and never went back. I just eat healthy and dirnk lots of water.
  8. Emma J I was 15 when I started, now im 16.
  9. When i started taking accutane at 80mg a day for back neck and facial acne, my acne did get worse in the beginning. My face got very oily, and my nose was completely covered with blackheads. By the end of the 2nd month i was dry and most of the blackheads were gone. BY the end of month 3 i was always dealing with 5-6 active pimples. By month 4 i was healing fast and my face was clear. At the end of treatment i was totally clear and i feel absolutely amazing, and im sure your son will feel great
  10. I had a few small breakouts in month 5. I was freaking out, but they healed very fast and then i was clear again.
  11. .....the focus side effect is still happening though you're off of it? i'm starting accutane in a week and i have a 4.0 to keep up this year, do you think that was just a side effect for you or does that happen often? my acne is so horrible and i wanna try this more than anything else cuz i've been dealing with it for at least 8 years now but these side effects are scaring me. Umm well honestly i cant really tell, because im out of school. But like in school, i was having trobules staying
  12. When i was on tane i would be tired all day. I would fall asleep in class all the time. I would literally not be able to get out of bed sometimes.
  13. Haha, you will. Ive already got used to just getting up in the morning and not worrying about looking at my face in the mirror.
  14. by the way, i havent been on in a while is because i have been so busy living a happy and confident filled life in post accutane life. And Accutane definately had a wierd affect on my brain. I can notice a serious problem in my ability to focus for more than like 30 seconds. But it isnt that bad, ill take the clear skin any day.