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  1. Ive got a cyst by my eye that hasnt gone away and its been 3 weeks now. Its gone down in redness a bunch, but only a little in size and is still totally recognizable. Should I get a cortizone shot or will that just leave me scared? Its taken all my will power not to just pop it. Should I pop it? Not really sure what to do...
  2. My acne has gotten progressively worse since October of 2015 until now. Now its the worst its ever been in my life! I started having acne at 15 or 16 and now im 20 and its the worst its ever been! What happened and am I the only one? No matter what i do i cant get it under control. But more than that, its taking its toll on me emotionally. Ive had acne for years now, but never like this and it makes me anxious depressed and scared. Any tips? I hate the stress.