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    Will probably try anything once, but typically, I like running, biking, attending concerts (of any sort), reading, trying different cuisines, watching cartoons (Family Guy! Aqua Teen!), roadtripping.
  1. I haven't posted to this topic in a while, but I thought I'd take a couple minutes and make a quick update. Over the past year, this is what I have found that works for me: 1.) Sticking to my gluten/dairy free diet. I have also found that soy in moderate to large amounts (e.g. a sizable dish with tofu) will also cause breakouts. It takes some practice to completely cut out gluten and dairy. These products don't necessarily have to be explicitly stated in the ingredients list, so caution needs
  2. Why would you encourage someone to smoke pot
  3. There's absolutely a connection between diet and acne. It's not always the case for some people's acne. Each person's problem stems from a differnet reason. However, I've had first hand experience in figuring out the diet/acne connection in a long painful way. I've learned that I have a gluten (wheat, barley, rye etc) intolerance which causes me to break out within days of eating a significant amount of gluten. Check out my "Coping with severe acne" thread.
  4. The most immediate effect is actaully digestive issues. I get really gassy and rumbly downstairs for a few hours after I eat a significant (equivalent of a slice or more of bread) amount of gluten. Later in the day, my face will become more oily than normal. And then of course, a couple days later, I have a host of new zits.
  5. I haven't been around lately. Mostly because of grad school and teaching. I wanted to provide an update with how the gluten-free diet has been going. I'm excited to share that I'm nearly 99% sure it's the main cause behind my history of terrible acne. The thought crossed my mind back in Feburary when I was reading the ingredients of a mac & cheese box, and it said "Allergen information: wheat." I did a little research on what effects wheat could have on those who have the allergy and how the
  6. The endocrinologist appointment was useless. Nice lady but she saw no connection with anything endocrin related issues to my acne. Which I guess is a good thing. I've been on this no-wheat no-gluten diet now for a couple months, and I think I'm seeing an improvement. I no longer have the flare-up I had in January into the beginning of Feburary. I'll try and post an updated picture soon. The majority of what's remaining are post-acne redmarks. So I'm pretty excited about that. I'll stick with the
  7. I've made an appointment with an endocrinologist to discuss my chronic acne. We'll see if he/she can come up with anything. I'm assuming I'll get some extensive blood work done. Anyway, the diet is going pretty well. I went out to eat with some friends last night and ordered a lettuce-wrapped burger. Actually, it wasn't too bad. Gets sloppy at the end, but it's a decent substitute for a bun. I did, however, break-down and have a cookie the other day. My mom sent me a tin full of oatmeal cookie