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  1. The disease of the body is shown in signs and symptoms. I don't think we can try to find out what is wrong with all of us from accutane. Accutane as a poison makes the body vulnerable to disease that is in one's genetic predisposition. Now we have the disease. Treat the disease. Everyone keeps focusing on accutane and that's where you're stuck. Why do u think some people leave unscathed by accutane and others die. It doesn't do the same thing to everyone. It's just a highly toxic drug and once
  2. Hello everyone and those open and willing enough to give something a go. Following the method of homeopathy is something called Tautopathy. It's like homeopathy but not the same. Basically potentised Accutane can be given to help the body reverse the side effects from the drug. Here is an article. http://hpathy.com/tautopathy-medicine/tautopathy-an-introduction/ It's worth a shot. Potentised Accutane wouldn't have any atom of Accutane left but rather the energy of it. So you can't re-poison
  3. I was just thinking about that. Has anyone tried to find a solution going inside out? Going to that spiritual place? cuz we sure as hell don't have the answers. God I feel for everyone here so much and i wish i could take it all away. Anyway, I know i used to be heavily fucking addicted to binge eating and I went all spiritual through a 12step program and I found my higher power always had a solution for me to the most depressing of things. That place of surrender and trust opened up answers for
  4. Hi Chico Interesting what you say about bile. I have been suffering from eczema on my hands since Roaccutane. I used TCM and acupuncture at the beginning and it actually worked and my skin was clear for a year. My doctor focused on a few things- liver, blood, possibly bile? I'm gonna give her a ring tomorrow to ask her what she did because maybe there's a clue in there. Sigh, it's kinda of depressing yet I cannot let this bring me down. I feel sorry for the others who have it much worse than
  5. Hello. Are you Stefan Alexander Lay on youtube? Your last post on roaccuatne said u think it's best to stop focusing on finding answers.. However, I watched your youtube video about pylouria- was pylouria not then the cause of your problems? I suspect pylouria for myself also am not sure since my eczema only started when I took roaccutane and now it's been 6 years and it's still chronic... on and off...

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  6. Sorry am new to this page so not really sure how to reply to you? I clicked on quote and am now typing in the box. Also, can I get emails for people replying to my posts? My diet is paleo plus rice. No grains apart from rice, no legumes except for tamari, no beans or legumes. I tried to go full paleo but without the carbs I felt awful for weeks and it didn't seem to be die off. Just needed the carbs. Sometimes when I eat out my diet isn't so clean (like obviously the foods cooked in vegoil
  7. I hope u didn't take it it can destroy your life. I am 6 years post roaccutane with permanent eczema. Could u look into paleo diet and hormone therapy instead?
  8. Hello everyone. What a thread! I have spent the last 6 years doing all kinds of alternative healing to cure eczema on my hands which started during my 3rd course of roaccutane. Every practitioner sidestepped the crucial information I gave them being that I never had eczema prior to taking roaccutane expect only briefly as a baby. I now have all kinds of allergies and intolerances I also did not have prior to roaccutane. Finally something clicked and I now know roaccutane is the culprit and gener