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  1. OK recently I stayed at my dads house for two weeks, And used nothing but my usual soap and water, and noticed a vast improvement in my acne, now after returning home, I have been back home for almost a week, my acne is back to square 1 however I have not changed anything. Sooooo it got me thinking why did my acne improve at my dads then it returned to how it was when I got home, when he lives 20mins away! I came to the conclusion that it was the water I was washing in that made the differ
  2. Hmmm I read quite alot on this forum, that you should 'Drink as much water as you can!' etc etc. So ok yea drinking water may improve your skin and stuff, but overall if you drink too much water your going to damage your kidneys.
  3. Hey Is aloe directly from the plant a good moisturizer? Also I know that there are lots n lots of different species of aloe, and we have 3 or 4 different 1s in our house, so which one is it I should use? Thanks Ash : )
  4. So is Aloe good as a moisturiser? Also is it Just the Aloe Vera Plant cus Im sure in my house we have like 3 or 4 different types of aloe plants lol Thanks Ash : )
  5. Hey everyone, Im new to the forum and I had my first dermatologist appointment 1 week ago. Anyway I have been to the doctor before about my acne (he reffered me to the dermatologist) Before I saw the dermatologist the doctor prescribed me lymecycline (an oral antibiotic), Three creams - differn (which I have not been using as it caused breakouts), Zyneret (sp?) (which also made me breakout) and Panoxyl aqua gel. Anyway the dermatologist changed the creams for