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  1. Wow, I never expected to get this many replies. Theres so many good ideas, i guess I have some studying to do. To answer question Acne Be Gone Fairy....I am looking to start eating healthier. Its very hard though i'll admitt. I'm Italian and my dad cooks big meals every night. So haha its harder then normal. In basic terms, I like food. I eat chesseburger subs a lot, I like chicken, fast food a lot at work because we order out, etc. and a lot of that I would probably have to cut out. I am def.
  2. For everyone here who takes supplements... If you could choose only one supplement to take, which one would you recommend to someone with moderate inflammatory acne? I read a lot about many different supplements. I was just going to take a daily multivitamin that has a good amount of what we need in it and also includes a fruit/vegetable blend. But now I'm wondering if maybe I should be more specific and focus on one supplement.
  3. Wow I know, Dans skin looks amazing. Everytime I try and use BP I just keep thinking, how is it possible that this stuff could make anyones face that nice. Haha and I keep telling myself that I could have skin like that one day, but I dont think I can stick it out. I dont get dryness, my skin cracks and bleeds, I get blisters and it looks horrible. I just hope I can find something to make my skin looks that good. I wished so bad that i could use it, but Im glad BP works for others however.
  4. Well at least I was sorda right about the test, haha. But what exactly were you trying to accomplish? I mean if I would have did this test and went forth with it, what would it have proven to me? Also A question or two if thats alright. I disagree with the feedback theory. I just don't think it makes any sense. But I was hoping maybe you could explain some things. First, why is it that whenever my skin gets dry it "seems" like it gets more oily? Exactly like what we were talking about. This i
  5. So you're saying that when you haven't been washing your face with a cleanser for (say) a month or so, suddenly washing it with a cleanser one single time DOES or DOESN'T cause it to get visibly oily after a couple of hours?
  6. Yes and no. After I use a cleanser for a couple of weeks, thats when my face starts to get dried out. But I wash twice a day. Morning and night. So after the first wash my face gets dry and then a few hours later its gets very oily. Then after the second wash it again gets dry and then after a few hours gets oily again. Once this goes on for a couple of weeks I normally get tired of it. So I quit using my cleanser and it takes about a week for my face to normalize again.
  7. haha whoops After I wash my face, I would say it takes around 2 hours before it becomes noticeably oily. And the second one, yea i didnt understand it at first, i might be stupid though. I think what your asking is when i wash my face for a couple weeks and it becomes either dry or oily and then I stop washing it period, how long does it take until my face is back to the normals state and i would say it takes about a week if not a little longer before my face goes back to normal.
  8. I dont know if maybe this will help, but I will try to explain my regimen. I wake up in the morning, and normally splash my face with water. Then I take a cleanser and massage it around and rinse off. After that I pat my face with a towel. When Im done, using no other products, my face if very dry and tight, sometimes flaky. I stretch it and you can just feel the tightness. After a couple hours my face will get very oily and shiny. I normally take a paper towel and blot all of it off. After i
  9. haha no its cool, if you can help me understand this better or just give me more knowledge then its all good. lets see here, when I stop washing my face, it no longer gets dry. Ive had a huge problem going through cleansers because they all dry me out. Thats when I stopped using them. When all I do is splash my face with water as an example, and nothing more, it tends to stay normalized. Truthfully i dont know how it would get dry without washing or wiping it. I have eczema on my legs and I
  10. Well Im not exactly sure how to answer your question, and i hope the proposition isnt a sebotape test...cause thats what I think it is, haha. But let me try this again. I dont mean theres no oil on my face AT ALL when I dont wash, I mean that my face is not an oily slick and shiny like it is when I do wash. As for how long I can go like that, if i dont wash my face. i pretty much go through the whole day and my face is the same, not oily, not dry, just normal.
  11. haha here comes the smartass replies I dont know if theres oil on my face or not, if you want to get all scientific and say that there is always oil on your face at a cellular level or something, whatever. Im just saying when I dont wash my face, it feels and looks normalized, like normal matte looking skin. Where as when I do wash it with an actual cleanser, they always dry me out, which is why I no longer use a cleanser, thats when my face gets oily to the extent that it can be seen by the n
  12. I agree with Bryan, I think the theory that he talks about makes much more sense then the feedback theory but I have the same problem and NO my face doesnt get oily whether I wash or not. I know that because its my face, lol. whenever I dont wash my face with a cleanser, maybe just splash with water or do nothing, I have no oil on my face at all. Very smooth clean non shiny surface. However when i do wash my face with a cleaner it ends up becoming dry and tight, then my face gets oily to the p
  13. Hey Bryan, I have a question for you, maybe you can help. No, but I find it difficult to believe that one certain individual has a totally unique sebaceous gland physiology; namely, a sebaceous gland function that operates in a manner inconsistent with that of everybody else who has been tested in that regard. I read that in one of your posts, now this might be a stupid question but I was still hoping you could give me an answer. My buddy and I have different skin. Mine is very oily, wheth
  14. Alright, thank you for your reply. Im assuming cod liver oil is basically the same as Fish oil capsules then, its just in liquid form...would this be right? Also if I can handle taking the large number of pills, would I be alright to buy a bottle of them and just go that route? I just ask because I keep reading up on Omega 3 and how you need to balance it with omega 6 and other vitamins/minerals and I would prefer not to take 6 different types of pills. Although I also read that most people ge