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  1. Ebay or Amazon I would not use honey, it can dry out the face.
  2. The internet can come up with many suggestions, i think you can google many things to beat acne, but not so many of the suggestions are true. I would never use soap in general in my face. Use a gentle cleanser for instance exuviance, do your own peelings with AHA. You can eat as healthy as you do and still break out if the skin is treated wrong. Epiduo broke me out too, they should have something else to offer you.
  3. https://www.neostrata.com/product/exuviance+gentle+cleansing+creme.do
  4. Yeah, at first it did dry out my skin harshly but now it doesn't. I thought about not using the whole line of products completely and just sticking to accutane, however the derma said I would've just thrown my money away in that case. She's telling me to stick it through. I don't know what to do. Well you can always do as she says and just complain if there is no improvement. But when you are done with the treatment you should begin home treatments with AHA peels. (or low TCA)
  5. I must say i don't know that cleanser, it depends on how your face feels and react after you use it. A cleanser should not be drying out your skin, if you feel that i would not use it.
  6. Currently I wash my face with a facial cleanser containing Salicylic Acid every morning and night, after washing I apply apple cider vinegar and some Paula's Choice AHA. Ok well.. cleanser with salicylic acid can be OK, but it will not work so good in a cleanser because it is not staying at the skin enough to make it work. I'm not the biggest fan of Paulas choice, because it contains a lot of silicone which makes it quite sticky and i don't think my skin could breath so good with her pro
  7. Yes i think he should wait too when the skin is not irritated anymore to do a 10-12% TCA. 25% lactic acid will also be good. Right now irritation needs to be fixed with a gentle cleanser, cold water, moisturizer. When the skin is not that red anymore he can do peels.
  8. Looks like hormonal acne, because it mostly is around your jaw and cheeks. What is your skin routine right now?
  9. TCA peel is a medium peel, where lactic and glycolic acid peels are working more on the surface of the skin.
  10. Pretty sure your skin is not supposed to look that irritated. I still think you should do home treatments with peelings, it is cheap and very effective for acne. TCA will kill the bacterias.
  11. Well avoid dairy products. Sometimes we can also try doing too many things. Paulas Choice was very rough for my skin. Some Murad products are ok, but pretty average over all. A simple routine is the best you can have. My is almost 100% clear now, i do some 25% lactic acid treatments weekly, and 12% TCA sometimes. You can buy it on eBay, it is way better than buying too many different products from brands. Btw bad experience with Epiduo too, Clindoxyl is way better. I broke out from Epiduo.
  12. exuviance gentle cleansing creme is very gentle and is not drying out the skin at all. By the way - I must say, through experience that Epiduo is really awfull. Ask your doctor if you can get Clindoxyl instead.
  13. You can still use them together. The difference between normal BP and clindoxyl is clindoxyl contains the antibiotic clindamycin, so it is acutally more effective. So you can use them together, but start will a small amount and build your way up to a larger amount. If your skin is too sensitive, instead of glycolic acid you can use normal moisturizer on top of the clindoxyl gel.
  14. Many sunscreens/sunblocks can clog the pores. Generally i think your skin looks quite irritated, which maybe means your are doing too many things at once. 600$ are too expensive. Instead of going to the dermatologist you should just do the treatments at home, you can do lactic aicd or TCA peels are home. But right now think you should try to replace your sunscreen with a good moisturizer to calm your skin down. Also only use cold water when you wash your face.