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  1. I'm with you -- whatever happened to my promised "glowing" pregnancy skin! Since I'm still not exactly sure how the device works, I don't really know what to ask my doctor. I've tried googling "high freequency skin treatment" but haven't found anything but commercial sites, and I'd like a more independent source of information about it. I think I will call and ask my esthetician the brand name of the device she uses, so I can at least get information from the company web site to show my doctor
  2. I have been reciving high-frequency treatments for my acne and I've been very happy with the results. However, I am now pregnant, and I'm unsure if the treatment is still safe. My esthetician assures me it is safe, but how can I be sure? I want to ask my doctor about it, but I realized I'm still not completely sure what the treatment actually is -- just that she "zaps" my skin with a glowing wand, and my acne diminishes. Any thoughts?