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  1. i know . i hate it when people assume that i ONLY eat fast food. or that i don't wash my face. its not like i don't want to have clear skin. everytime that i go out to eat. people say that i shouldn't order that. shouldn't eat or drink that. :wall: everytime when people say something like that. it make me do the opposite. don't you hate it when people do that ?
  2. i went to a couple of derma and they pretty much said the same thing. they told me what food increase acne .....seafood, seaweed (bye bye to sushi), fry food, fast food, chocolate ( does chocolate really increase it) and so on. The last derma told me a lot of bs. i wanted to do the laser treatment. she said i have to go for 10 appointments ( $1,000) plus follow-up. i asked her if this will means that my acne will be gone forever., she said nope. i have to continue some treatments. this dissappo
  3. this happen to me all the time after i pop a whitehead. it doesn't leave a scar. after a while it gets better. but what i hate is the like skin hanging (like sunburn) which is not pleasant. what i do is get a hot cloth, wipe the excess skin then put a aloe cream. sometimes there is red/brownish spot, i use concealer to cover it. after a week, like new skin.
  4. i use clay mask twice a week. it works better. i think it help with my acne. i used NuSkin clay mask. for a hour or until it dry. the bad thing is that it bleach my towel. haha i think clay mask is a YES in the proccess for clear face.
  5. i haven't try that before. after i went to this spa salon for facial, the lady use these tools to get rid of whiteheads. so after that i went to buy the tools. it wasn't expensive. it;s for whiteheads and blackheads. i think this is much better than my old method. but ONLY use it when there . whiteheads. don't use it for bumps. because can make it worse. hope this can work for you guys too.
  6. i also have red marks on both of my cheeks. also i have brown spot (i think because i pop the whiteheads). i have mild acne on my checks and chin( i have little bumps .... what is it). i;m going to start using a new product next week so wish me luck. i hope it will be my last one