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  1. I posted this in another section to, so if you think you saw it before, you have, I just wanted to see if i could get more responses here. Im interested in trying paulas choice 2% BHA liquid, i was wondering if anyone here has used it and if so what they thought? Also if you have inflammatory acne and it worked for you, I would LOVE to hear so. I have a lot of that and ive been told salicylic acid wont help with it, but i dont see why not.
  2. I like that to, the anti-inflammatory ingredients, I read that in her description. I dont think I have sensitive skin, Some things dry me out, but they are supposed to I guess. Like Benzoyl peroxide. I had a very horrid reaction to that and I think i might be allergic to it. Thats why i figured i would try salicylic acid. Hows it work with inflammatory acne? I have some of that. Also, Wynne, How do you like the peels? My doc offers a Salicylic acid peel and I thought about trying that. Just th
  3. Im pretty sure your supposed to keep it on your face, or else it wont exfoliate. And I think you can put BP on top of it, Paula herself says its alright. Anyone else use this before?
  4. Im interested in trying Paulas choice 2% BHA Liquid. Has anyone here tried it and if so what did you think of it? Also, how did you apply it? I was going to buy the spray pump along with it, and just put a spray or two on.
  5. Hey snowqueen, how are you doing? I recently found myself with a question on a product or two i was looking at. I didnt really know who to ask, dermatologists dont help me or my doctor, i joined this site and saw that you seem to know your stuff and figured you would be my best choice to ask. I am trying to switch my cleanser and acne treatment gel, My cleanser i believe causes acne or irritation and my acne gel doesnt really do too much. I found these products.... Cleanser http://www.dermsto
  6. I live in Germany, specifically Freiburg im Breisgau. I was wondering if people know names of any products I can find here for acne. Danke
  7. I just started drinking the required amount because i heard so much about it working. But im scared to apply it directly to my face. Is that really safe to do or good for your skin?
  8. Hi. I have moderate acne, not very bad. Just a few breakouts on my chin area. Somedays it gets really bad though, i'll get 6 or 7 breakouts in one area. I have a question though. I was going to switch cleansers...but the one im looking at using has salicylic acid, glycolic acid and witch hazel in it. Is this bad?????/ please help me.......i read a lot of passages saying to use a gentle cleanser not containing anything at all really......thanks guys Also i was going to try ACV, just putting a t