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  1. blueberrypoptart

    Day 2

    Your skin is looking better than mine right now. I was a success story up until recently. I am not sure what happened. Anyway, when I first started using it, my acne was so terrible but it I noticed a difference in a week.
  2. I had a success story. I am currently a Freshman in college and I first started using the Regimen when I was a Freshman in high school (something like that). Anyway, let me describe the acne that I had. It was not cystic but I had a lot of it. All over my forehead was tiny texture and I have pimples on my inner cheeks. It was a constant worry in my life. When I came across Acne.org treatment I decided I would give it a try after watching some girls youtube video on it. This was my savior. In o