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  1. Breanna Marie

    Day 4

    So, I got so fed up with my dry skin that I decided to slather Vaseline all over my face. That's right, you heard it right: Vaseline. Im extremely happy because my skin no longer feels like it's burning off. Now, here comes the greatest test of them all: will it help my skin or break me out? Well, I've done my research. Vaseline can not break you out (apparently). I guess it acts as a "barrier", so if you have dirt and oil in your skin before hand, that will break you out. I made sure to
  2. @Bentley.boo I'm going to try and give the BP a break...I think my insurance will cover it, I don't eat/drink dairy, but to help my skin I've tried applying some Vaseline; my skin feels great right now, very moisturized!
  3. I am feeling so sad. My skin is dry, cracked, and it hurts. It makes me want to take the BP and throw it away. I feel like it's destroying my skin. Like its stripping it of anything good it had left in it. I want to stop using it, but I'm afraid of what may happen. Before I started the regimen, my acne was getting progressively worse. The regimen stopped it in its tracks and even made it a lot better...until recently. I slowly started implementing the routine twice a day, and my skin is so dry
  4. Breanna Marie

    Day 2

    @blueberrypoptart I hope you can get things back to the way they were!
  5. Breanna Marie

    Day 2

    Well, I didn't use the BP this morning because I feared it would dry out my skin. I used it tonight, though, and my skin does burn slightly It's nothing unbearable, but it definitely is uncomfortable. I just want my skin to clear up and look the way it used to. Honestly, it got worse today, and I'm feeling really down. I don't feel like myself. I'm getting the jojoba oil tomorrow, and I pray it helps with the dry skin. I'm not giving up on the acne.org regimen; I have faith in it. I've seen s
  6. Breanna Marie

    Day 1

    @Bentley.boo In the past I mainly tried several different drug store products (clean & clear, cetaphil, etc.) and I tried the natural route for a but, but that didn't work at all this is my first time using a topical treatment (the BP) @acnefreeaskme<3 I'm all ears!!
  7. Breanna Marie

    Day 1

    I would like to start of by saying that my acne by no means is bad. It used to be pretty moderate, but I've been using the regimen for about three/four months now and it's been helping. I was originally just using it once a day, but recently I decided to slowly implement using it twice daily. Boy, does my skin burn. My skin is slightly pink, which is normal. I know I need to get used to using it twice daily. However, I'm surprised by how badly my eyelids burn seeing as the bp stays completley