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  1. Okay, so for the past few weeks my acne has been coming back. Excellent. What was that, three months? What the hell! My forehead is so weird right now, the bottom of my face isn't that bad, but I'm getting a few down there. But my forehead...it's horrible! I'm getting dozens of tiny pimples there for some reason and it's really oily and dry at the same time. It feels like sandpaper. I want more accutane. -_-
  2. Hm, my lips really are a lot better. But still not back to normal! Hopefully this will fix itself soon enough. My forehead was also a little oily yesterday, eep.
  3. I'm done! I wonder how long it takes for the side effects to fade. I can't remember what it's like to not have dry lips.
  4. Day 125 Ooh, big number. I'm on my last 2 weeks or something! I havent had a pimple in forever, yet I still have a lot of red marks. x_x There's one spot on my left cheek that has seriously been there since I started accutane. It's been slightly scabbed over for the longest while, I don't think it's scarring. I mean, jeeze, that's a long time. My red marks are ridiculous. I can't wait to get rid of the lips and flaky skin though. =D
  5. Day 88 Wow, I was just looking over some other peoples logs really quick and man...I have got it really good! My side-effects are minimal and not really that bothersome, and I almost never get pimples anymore. I've still got a lot of red marks and discolorations, but they don't really bother me that much and I know they'll fade. I'm really pale, so every little flaw shows. I can finally wash my hair the night before and get up and it wont be greasy! I hope this stays even after accutane, it's
  6. Day 77 Jeeeze, the pimple on my neck is a huuge cyst. It looks like a goddamn tumor. Still my only one anywhere though. I can tell it will be a while until this one is completely gone though, there's no hole for the stuff to come out and it'll probably just be a regular colored bump on my neck for weeks. =/
  7. Day 72 Damn! Getting a pretty big pimple on my neck, go away please. Meh, it's my only active pimple anywhere. Some dry flaking skin on my face, right above my eyebrows especially. I washed my face too hard and now it's starting to scab. Also, there seems to be a chunk of skin missing from my nose >_>
  8. Day 70 I think I might have my days screwed up, meh. It's close enough. Had my derm appointment last week, apparently my blood tests haven't made a single change since I started. Woohoo. My face is doing alright, I have a few irritated spots on my face, but no real pimples. It might just be the slow healing. Lips suck, but I'll manage. I suppose the redness is fading a little, that'll take a while I guess. Progress is a little slower with body acne, I'm still getting a few on my shoulders an
  9. Day 60 I guess this is technically the end of month two, but my derm appointment isn't till friday. Things are going well, my lips are a type of dry I've never experienced before. They aren't cracking though.. It's almost as if I've pulled off so many layers of skin that they're just two squishy sacks of blood with an extremely thin layer of skin over them. Verrry red looking, and constantly sore. Meh. I've got one pimple-esque type thing now. It's more of a clogged pore or something. I'm jus
  10. Oh, they have! For a few weeks now I've only gotten like one at a time. I'm basically all red marks. I'm really pale and prone to them. >=(
  11. Don't worry. I hate it too. Is it just me, or are the proactiv ads basically insulting people with bad skin? YOU CAN NEVER ENJOY LIFE EVER WITH BAD SKIN, YOU NEED US.
  12. Day 56 Well, I haven't updated this in a while. Day 56. Jeeze, that seems far in. So I think this is the beginning of my 8th week or something. I'm pretty much trying to forget about acne and accutane for now, thinking about it all day every day is just irritating. Of course there are some things that can't be ignored, such as the two nosebleeds I've had today (There's currently a wad of tissue up my left nostril >_>) and the constant dry lips. I've gone through four tubes of lip balm. A