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  1. Yes I have found something similar to this an example is when I go camping and I dont take anything to wash my face with just leave my skin and whne im done camping my skin is much clearer or so if I go on a road trip for a couple of day without washing my skin and just going to sleep without washing my skin seems to look somewhat better... it sounds weird but you could have a point, why not try it for a couple of weeks without washing your face and see how it goes maybe it could work for you.
  2. When I had bad sunburn on my nose from jet skiing I rubbed aloe vera on it and kept dipping my head in salt water and it healed in two days it was perfect and the aloe cooled it also as it was so sensitive and hurt.
  3. I think you have mild acne, but only on your forehead, everywhere else seems to be really clear. I dont have a regime for you but all I can say is keep trying new things and sometimes just use basic face creams not all these fancy ones, they are sometimes not as good as they are made out to be. I would try Dan's regimen a lot of people have had success with that, I have not tried it myself but it could possibly help your acne. Good luck anyway, also I know it bothers you but I think your skin
  4. :dance: High five to that girl... "Cigarette smoking, however, does wreak havoc on a lot of people's skin, including my own. Not saying it does that to everyone's, of course. Hell, there's probably somebody out there who rubs tobacco on their face to keep their skin clear" That is just so true your whole posting not just that sentence that just cracked me up laughing but the whole post is totoally true, everyone is so different and there are so many different things effecting our acne and
  5. I feel steamrooms work 90% better than saunas. I would go in and come out after say 10 mins and pop all the spots that it made become visible and I would unclog them my popping them then rince my face then go back in for antoher 10 or 20 mins and come out and my skin would be all red but I could definatley tell that it helped unclog them but its not a permanent thing you would have to go everyday and even then you would still have acne. I do think they help though so keep at it but hopefully y
  6. You sound just like me, thats what I used to think how could all those hormones in milk be good for me... I got my blood checked once to see what I was allergic too and the main thing was milk... so I gave up drinking milk for one year and everything else that contained milk, I must admit I had the odd chocolate here and there but nothing major and my skin still remained the same... but when I found out I was lactose intollerant I thought yes, yes as with everything else that I had finally found
  7. I have had acne since I was 14 and at 16 I went vegetarian until I was 21 and I am now 27 and in that whole time my acne has always been the same, whether I was vege or omnivour... But I did notice that my hair became very thin while I was a vegetarian and my finger nails stopped growing and became very weak... as soon as I started eating meat again after 4 years my hair went back to normal and my finger nails started growing again, it was really amazing, I didnt even realise meat could have thi
  8. My parents never had acne, my older brother never had it and my younger brother had a tiny bit of puberty acne which had gone before he reached 19. Im the only one with moderate acne.
  9. Hi Ash, I used Retin-A for two months and it did not help with my acne, it did dry my face out a lot when I started using it and it also broke me out majourley. Im not saying it will not work for you, all I can say is try it for how ever long you have been precribed for it and see how it goes and if that does not work, try something else and this is all you can do until that ONE amazing day you figure it out and something finally works. I hope it does work for you, good luck. Yes I used to p
  10. So I stole this off the Cameron Diaz posting in the adult acne section.... She is also a firm beleaver smoking is the cause of her acne and there are also other postings on that link that say they also know smoking is the cause of their acne... all im saying is stop saying it does not cause acne when there are people out there that know it causes their acne and let people find out for themselves like eveyrone else does with every other product they buy... ive paid thousands of dollars on produc
  11. I know there is no scientific evidence, of course I know that ive been searching and searcing regarding this because it is MY ACNE CURE... im not saying its yours, ITS MINE, MINE, MINE!!! Once you find your cure, it will be specifically YOUR CURE... EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, different strokes for different folkes... Im just voicing my opinion for other because it is the only thing that has worked for me and if others want to try it then id be happy for them to and be able to help them, unlike you
  12. Maybe not for you Jaffa Cake BOY but it did for me and many others on this board... I have photos to prove it on the galary after one week I will be putting up more photos tonight and I will prove how much smoking has had an impact on my acne. I had 47 pimples 7 days ago and I gave up smoking 7 days ago and now I only have about 28 have to count again tonight and will then upload photos, it was so hard for me to give up smoking its been 14 years but its the only thing that has cleared my skin s
  13. I totally agree with you, when I gave up m skin is much better and heals faster and I dont even get spots coming up. So good. For some people smoking is the cause of their acne and others it is not, all you have to do is give up for three weeks and see what happens... if its going to work you will notice after the first week that you are not breaking out as much, by the second week you will probably not break out at all and by the third week you will just have scars. But as soon as you start
  14. Yes for some people I definately think there is a link, just give up and see if it is for you or not. Simple!!