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  1. Hi Ya! thank you so much for your reply i don't currently have a specific beauty regime, to be honest I never have, so I'm one of those that just buys products that catch my eye at the time, for the last couple of months I've been using the pink grapefruit neutrogena facial wash, naobay natural and organic calming face toner and the simple brand moisturiser, I haven't noticed a difference in any products I have used over the last couple of years since they appeared, no better and no worse, so
  2. Hello, I am really hoping someone has some information for me, or someone has had the same and found a remedy, or someone who knows what these things are! All of the above would be best lol! But im just looking for ideas on how to get rid...... Of these small little bumps that have become the Bain of my life the last couple of years! I had perfectly blemish free skin through your my life until I hit 30 and now suddenly over the last couple of years I have these annoying small little flesh colo