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  1. I also found the Sandy Fair and Fair Netural to be perfect for me and basically the same exact color. I decided to go with the Sandy Fair and have been using it for almost a month now. I don't think it really matters which one you order though, since I would agree that they look pretty much the same. In terms of application, when I first started using it I would get streaks on my face from applying to heavily. Then I looked at the application tips on the website. They're very easy to follow. J
  2. I'm convinced that makeup is causing my acne, but I am very reliant on it. I am currently doing a modified version of Dan's regimen. I wash my face with a cleanser, use a dime size amount of bp all over my face, and moisturize. I've tried using more bp but it just makes my skin feel heavy and dry. I think that this regimen is pretty effective because I only break out during the day and never break out at night. I recently started using Everyday Minerals foundation after learning about it on th
  3. I received the moisturizer yesterday (I had it rushed shipped) and just wanted to weigh in although I've only used it twice. When I received it, a little was spilling out of the bottle, maybe the top wasn't twisted tightly enough? Nothing serious, just something that I noticed. The texture is a little runny and reminds me of Complex 15 in that way, but I like it because it's very light. I didn't even need a full pump to cover my whole face. It rubbed in very easily and became matte very quickly.
  4. I've been on a modified version of Dan's regimen for over a month now. I think that once you've been on it for a while you can start to make adjustments. I was never able to stick to Dan's real regimen because it just took way too long and the high amounts of products felt heavy on my face. Now I wash my face with clean and clear deep action cream cleanser, immediately apply a dime size amount of dan's bp, wait like 2 minutes and moisturize with neutrogena healthy skin face lotion in the morning
  5. When you increase the amount of bp that you use, do you also increase the amount of moisturizer? Sometimes I think that using too much moisturizer on my face makes me break out because my skin is so sensitive.
  6. Well that's good to hear. Thanks for your help. I think I'll give it a shot tonight
  7. Jordan do you use Differin? What kind of results did you see?
  8. Thanks for your replies! I'm thinking about adding Differin into my regimen because I think it will be more effective than Ziana in combination with the bp. I wonder if it would be too irritating to apply Dan's 2.5% bp gel at night and then the Differin after that? I don't really feel comfortable stopping the bp all together at night yet. Do you know about how long it takes to see results from Differin?
  9. My skin always gets really dry from benzoyl peroxide products. I have found moisturizers with alpha hydroxy acid to be a great way to keep my skin hydrated and flake-free. I'm currently using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion. I only need to use it once a day. Good luck with Proactiv! It worked ok for me, but was inconsistent and expensive so I stopped using it. It sounds like you could get great results if you add in a good moisturizer.
  10. I noticed that bp leaves a kind of exfoliation on my face, which I think is different from flaking. Moisturizers with Alpha Hydroxy Acid have been the only thing I've used that keeps this under control. I noticed that Dan's moisturizer doesn't contain AHA and I was wondering if this might be a problem. Thanks!
  11. I've been using Dan's 2.5% bp since last September with pretty good results, but I still get breakouts and would really like to get my skin under control. In May I went to a dermatologist and got benzoyl peroxide pads in the morning and Differin at night. I only used it for about a week before I started getting a really bad initial breakout and quit. I know it takes time to work, but I was really worried about the initial breakout. I was thinking that maybe I should try a stronger bp or maybe
  12. Hey Molly, I get the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion from CVS or Harmon Discount. I would think that you can probably get it at Target, but you should call first and have someone check to see if it's in stock. I haven't really had many breakouts recently so I don't think it's irritating. It really does make my skin feel so soft and goes really well over bp, but it took about 3 days for me to really notice the difference. I'm sorry to say that I HATED the Neutrogena spf 15 moisturizer that
  13. I had a similar reaction when I was using Complex 15 as my moisturizer. Even though it feels super gentle, it has never been able to control dryness for me. When using it with the regimen my skin was red and really irritated. I once tried it with just the Purpose cleanser and my skin was still dry. Maybe another moisturizer would give you better results? The one that has been best for me in terms of controling dryness is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion. I use the night version because spf mo
  14. I also have found Dan's bp to be really effective. I also really like the Proactiv version though. I know what it feels like to think you've exhausted every option. Hang in there! You will definitely find something that works for you. If BP irritated you in the past, a good moisturizer might be able to fix it!
  15. I've been having good success with the regimen for a while, but lately I've been breaking out much more often and I'm worried that it's because I changed moisturizers. The only moisturizer that has been able to keep my skin flake free in combination with Dan's bp is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion. I was using the Sensitive Skin version for about 2 months, but it's been discontinued. I am now using the Night version and I'm really worried that it's making me break out. Here are the ingredien