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  1. Hello If anyone has any suggestions on what to take for dry skin,(vitamins and minerals) it would be GREAATTLLLYYY appreciated!! also... I was wondering if taking fish oil is beneficiary to dry skin. My skin isnt absoltely flakey and terribly dry, but my face feels very tight and ill get the occasional flakes that go away. THANK YOU so much Adam
  2. I want to start taking flaxseed oil and fish oil supplements and my questions are: 1. Capsules or liquid form 2. When to take them 3. How much do i take of each 4. How to take them--together or seperate..how many times a day Just to let you guys know..i am taking these supplements for my dry skin. Also, i take a multi vitamin in the morning, and i take a shot of ACV at night ANY HELP WOULD BE SERIOUSLY APPRECIATED!! thank youuu
  3. i have almost the same problem..before i go in the shower, my face is fine, but when i come out, the pores on my face have these white things coming out, and then when they dry, they turn into flakes kind of..
  4. hey man calm down, dont worry about anything, itll all be ok =). first off, dont exfoliate every night..cus you could be irritating like the guy above me said. irritation and picking at your skin causes acne. when i touch my skin even a little, i get a pimple where i did a little pick here or there, so just dont touch it, no matter how hard.. drinking ACV can help A TON! like i was sketical before, but it somehow truly works. read the topic posted on here and read up on it... seriously try thi
  5. honestly, dont let this much acne "ruin your life" its really not that bad. what you're doing right now is good. with retin a, your face gets worse before it gets better, and it will probably sting or burn your face cus of how sensitive you are to benzoyl peroxide. if it bothers you that much and you're not scared of accutane you could take it and clear you up, but you also get an initial breakout, but it would be worth it in the long run obvisously. good luck
  6. ok well my skin feels fine and not dry when you touch it, but when i come out of the shower, i have these little white things on my skin which looks like dandruff or something. i dont do anything to my face except moisturize and drink acv..and ive had this dandruff like stuff on my facefor over a year because of 1 month on the DKR. after i use a moisturizing toner..and moisturize..they're mostly all gone, but i do this EVERYTIME i come out of the shower..i seriously need help, anything
  7. for me, chocolate, cake, brownies, and cookies break me out noticeably while pizza and some other fried foods really dont make a difference..all depends on your body
  8. hi i shave every night, and now i just bought complex 15 face cream, and i also have neutrogena aftershave lotion. do i put on the aftershave first, then complex 15? or will that break me out? or does complex 15 act as an aftershave maybe?
  9. hi guys well i have had rough, dry skin ever since i came off the DKR which i had only been on for one month. now, everytime i come out of the shower, my skin just has all these white things coming out of the pores, and my face feeling tight. and no i dont take really hot showers or use a cleanser or anything. all i do is drink one shot of acv every night and that keeps my face relatively clear, but its still VERY rough. i shave only at nights with the sensor excel with the neutrogena shave
  10. well i use the garnier green stuff..which doesnt moisturize as well as jojoba+cetaphil, which i use for the driest spots, and it still doesnt work..like it just looks dry..like white little dots coming out from my pores or something. and i use a toner with a cotton pad to get rid of them but they dont go away...anyone have any suggestions..please? i would be so thankful
  11. bump..really is embarrassing having some dry skin in the summer even when im not even doing anything except moisturize my skin
  12. i've been off the regimen since january..and im not washing with anything at all..i just drink ACV and shower, and i get like no pimples. and i still have some dryness/tiny flakes...i think the bp did something to my skin..i just need to know how to get over this..i moisturize everyday too
  13. hi..i went on the DKR for about one month, but my skin has never been the same after that. Some of the redmarks from then are still here..but mostly gone now..thank god. But my skin texture has never been the same. It is dry all the time, well it doesnt feel dry when i put my finger on it, but when you look at it, you can tell its dry..and all i do is drink ACV and take like 1 shower every 12 hours or so. I think it has to do with my skin pH levels?..or if someone has a suggestion where to post
  14. i have been doing this for a week, and i can see a difference in acne and red marks, but my throat feels so irritated..each time i eat something, my throat just KILLS!. If I stop this, I feel like I'll be messing my routine, but i need this, what should i do.
  15. yeah i'm not going to like seriously tan just for the sake of tanning..i just honestly really hate these redmarks =(