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  1. If it's too painful to try to make them disappear I'd say that's a happy in-between. Usually when that happens for me, I just use moisturizer afterward and at least Complex 15 seems to soften them up a bit as well... but wiping them off shouldn't do any harm.
  2. So ive been asking how everyone applies it. How do you get around the grains and actually get it into the skin? For me its just like rubbing some sand paper on my face... and just dries white like it hasnt even absorbed, I wait till it dries then wipe the grains away the best i can. It's not working for me and i may be using to much but i cant get it to spread to all the areas i need it to without using a pretty decent amount.. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!! You can also try mixing it with jojoba
  3. I just got my second order, and though I agree it's slightly more liquidy, I wouldn't say it's that big of a difference...? The scent is a bit stronger, but maybe that's just because I didn't use it for about a month. We'll see; good luck to you!
  4. syntax86

    My Benz-Oil Regimen Log

    Okay, so a while of not posting anything... But I just recently ran out of my 4 ounces of Benz-Oil... It lasted about two months, although it would have lasted a lot longer had I not used it on my back for about half the time. What I eventually settled on was using the Benz-Oil in the AM and PM, mostly concentrated in the areas that I break out in (around the mouth, forehead) and on other areas that may have had pimples, and using mainly Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion to moisturize. The only pro
  5. syntax86

    My Benz-Oil Regimen Log

    I was surprised at how gritty it was when I first used it as well. What I do (as was suggested on the package) is apply a small amount to a given area and then just slowly rub in with a circular motion the granules. It generally doesn't irritate my skin even if it is a bit abrasive. Other people have said that they do not rub in the little bits all the way and just rinse them off, but I haven't found too much problem with my skin -- I could see how it would hurt some people though. I would s
  6. syntax86

    My Benz-Oil Regimen Log

    I tried a bit at the beginning, but I definitely need a moisturizer on my neck, and my face sometimes feels a bit dry and itchy if I go for a while without moisturizing. Plus, I swim, so the chlorine dries my skin out even more... But I was trying to find one that worked with being the least invasive, and Complex 15 seems to do that pretty well. Cetaphil works well for me too, but it's a bit more oily. What's up in the air right now is if I should/need to use anything with AHA or jojoba oil..
  7. Wait...do you leave this stuff on...or just wash with it? Please do leave some updates in the future...i'm interested in how well this stuff works. I leave it on... Apply it after a shower or washing my face. It's a bit abrasive to rub it in, but it disappears well and leaves my skin looking pretty nice.
  8. syntax86

    My Benz-Oil Regimen Log

    Of course, "tomorrow" is a relative term. I've postponed writing because (1) I haven't figured out what works for me completely yet, and (2) I wanted to try to give a bit more depth instead of just a quick post. Now I'm on Day 19 of using Benz-Oil, and there have been ups and downs. It hasn't been the miraculous cure I might have been hoping for. Several distinct points I have noticed: First of all, it keeps my skin less dry and tight-feeling than other BP. Of course, I'm attributing this t
  9. syntax86

    My Benz-Oil Regimen Log

    Haha yeah sorry, been kind of experimenting and playing with it (and finals at school didn't leave me with much time recently)... I will post an update tomorrow. :D
  10. syntax86

    My Benz-Oil Regimen Log

    Day 1 The consistency maybe needs a bit more explanation. I probably didn't read the forum post enough to know that it wasn't going to be creamy, so it took me a bit by surprise. It's actually not too bad once you get used to it. I don't much care for the hard little granules, but otherwise it's like some of the other BP stuff I've used. It absorbs rather well, and one advantages is that I know when to stop rubbing it in. Unlike with Dan's cream which was clear all the time, this stuff eve
  11. syntax86

    My Benz-Oil Regimen Log

    Day 0 So, I decided to try it for the first time on the morning of December 31, 2006. Before applying anything, I took some photographs of my skin to show what it looked like on a bad day with Dan's regimen. As I mentioned before, new pimples formed occasionally and I had some visible red marks. Alas, I used my digital camera but did not put it in macro mode, so the photos came out somewhat blurry... I shook the jar, and it gurgled around like liquid. I didn't quite know how much to us
  12. syntax86

    Benz-Oil Photographs

    Visual log of Benz-Oil usage
  13. I've begun my own experiment with Benz-Oil (one of the last bottles available on eBay as of late, too!) See it at Hopefully I'll at least inspire discussion about some advantages and disadvantages of the cream?
  14. syntax86

    My Benz-Oil Regimen Log

    Greetings all! I assume this is the best place to post my trials and tribulations regarding this over-the-counter BP cream (see or the product homepage for more information...) I've been following the thread on this board for a few months and haven't found a comprehensive review, but the product looked promising so I thought I'd provide such an overview. Background: I am a 17-year old male with slight to moderate acne on my face (forehead, mouth), neck, and upper back. I have dealt with it
  15. Ordered & received, but I am waiting until I'm finished with my current tube of Dan's benzoyl peroxide gel in order to try it. I will take and post before/after pics and my experiences in order to help others who may be curious (as this thread is how I discovered Benz-Oil)... Expect more details from me in a couple of weeks.