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  1. I can most definetly relate to how you feel. I actually started a post about this very topic a few years ago, because I felt so insecure. You can click and read through it here. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Girls-Rel...84#entry1786884 Soon after I wrote that post, I went on a weekend getaway to Mexico with my boyfriend. It was time for bed, and of course I had my makeup on. I really wanted to wash it off because I felt sticky and gross. I looked at him with a lump in my throat and proceede
  2. Are you talking about the Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin with Spf 15? I also used this, then bought the new one that made me breakout horribly. I believe its from Avenzobene (spelling?) that they added in the new formulation. I heard the original formula was suppose to come back in April, under the name of Classic. Sorry if that's not what you were talking about. Good luck.
  3. Cool Thanks, I will be trying tonight!!
  4. When your 6 year old nephew has a little cup with a face on it, the face has a little red mark on its nose. Your nephew then proceeds to tell you "look Auntie, this looks like you...it has pimples like you!" That little bastard has no tact! Lol.
  5. Thanks everybody for you insights, it really helped clarify a lot! Monkey, I have TCA cross and have tried it a couple of times. I think I have to be more consistent with it though! I would use it once and wait 6 months or so before doing it again, so I really didn't see results. I may try it again since I have most of the bottle left. I usually put neosporin on the places I do the TCA, right after I finish. Do you think this is effective, or should I use something else, or leave it dry? Than
  6. Wow, I wish I could go out in public looking that great bare faced. I can barely go out to the mail box without being insecure about my skin. What is even sadder is when a "star" goes out in public without makeup, and isn't flawless and perfect. Rather, if you have even a red mark, you are labeled as having problem skin. I just seen a blog where they rip this UK singer because of her acne prone skin. http://28.media.tumblr.com/twcfF42UAqpfws5...ffyYVo1_500.jpg
  7. Well I had the misfortune of having a bad experience with lasers for my red marks. I went to a laser center in 2005, and had a series of different lasers I was told would help my red marks. I think they used a CO2 and a few others that I can't remember. I ended up with scarred pores and a couple of rolling scars in addition to having no improvement for my red marks. So I basically threw a few grand in the shitter to have worse skin. I really think they just preyed on my vulnerability, because
  8. Ah yes, the pain of those damn red marks. It likes a constant mind game I play with my face. One day my mind will tell me, "oh wow, your red marks are really fading" then I go outside or something, or under different lighting and I realize they still look like crap. It's like I like the feeling of believing something I'm doing to treat them is working, yet I get knocked back to reality when I look at myself in the mirror at a different location. Oh and I still get the occassional zit, so it's a
  9. Can anybody tell me what kind of scarring I have? I know I have the obvious red marks and large pores, but would the indents be considered rolling scars? Would subcision work best for this? Thanks in advance.
  10. Oh I think you were asking how old I was..Haha 25. Not a teenager..my skin has never been as bad as it is now. I've had boyfriends in the past and would never wear makeup to bed. When I had laser resurfacing, it damaged my skin so bad...so this is the worst it has ever looked, the past 8 months or so. I'm just learning how to cope with this insecurity since it has never been a problem before. So I guess I am worse off then when I was a teenager, trying to find my confidence again.
  11. MarlaSinger(I love Fightclub by the way) -Great advice..I will definetly try those products out...part of my baby steps GymRat- Your thearpist seems to be giving you good advice. Although I obviously don't know a thing about your relationship, I believe he should certainly be more sensitive to your insecurities. It's understandable that he wants you to be comfortable around him, and you may have to let some of your inhibitions go if you want it to work, as I'm currently learning. Though he need
  12. Contact Dr.Sire at Advanced Medspa..or check the website and get info before you call. I think this place is pretty good because they are dermatologists that perfom various cosmetic procedures to help scars. They also have sample prices for treatments on the website, which is rare. The silicone injections are like subcision not as invasive. Well google advanced medspa and check out the site, it talks all about it. Hope it works out for you, wherever you go. Congrats on the big day
  13. Every single one of you intelligent women have offered me such excellent words of advice, thank you. It is so refreshing to be able to express myself freely here, as I can't really with friends..they just wouldn't get it. BTW..I didn't apply makeup last night, the tv was on which offers some light. I noticed he did look at my skin but just a comfortable glance..so I'm sure he noticed..but he didn't act any different towards me. I know it's my own insecurities I must overcome...not whether if he'
  14. Yea 4 months is still fresh.. I need to build up more confidence in myself. I know he can see past it and tells me he see's nothing wrong with my skin..though this is with makeup. I am fully aware that my scars are still visible with the makeup though. Believe it or not..he is on his way over now..I have no makeup on and I'm not sure I want to put it on. The lights will be off though, just the T.V. and he'll be leaving at 6am so it will still be dark...sssh scars and acne just suck. But yea I'll