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  1. Just have to fight me. Dont worry if you lose. Once youre in you can fight more and get better. Ive been playing for a while and need more players. I couldnt find a misc section so maybe this goes here. *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * Have fun guys!
  2. i would say i was pretty lucky....probably since i spent most of my teen years in my room considering suicide. ...but the worst was probably the looks and stares in general. on top of that this one time in hs while i was with friends at the copier this kid looks in utter disgust at my face and goes "ewwww. gross"...right in front of everyone. but people just ignored him while i wanted to find the nearest closet to hid in.
  3. I want to go on it, but its really expensive. I remember that there was a financial assistance program for lower income people. I called up Roche, and they said they stopped their program. But what about Isotretinoin and the other companies? Anyone know? Please help. Thanks.
  4. I use a cotton ball to apply ACV to my face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. I was thinking along the line of ease of applying it to the back. If theres any ladies here interested in an attractive guy and wanna help, let me know :dance: But, yeah if theres any suggestions on applying to the back let me know.
  5. I remember going on Accutane and within a few weeks the pores on my face produced tiny white specks. I just kinda scraped them out. Theyre kindof like tiny white blackheads. Theyre really weird. Is it a sign that your pores are shrinking or something, so the crap is coming out? Well, its happening to me again. I did increase my EFA pill intake when I decided to take a pill every time I ate a meal a few weeks back. Then I just started with ACV last night. Today, Ive noticed that those
  6. I wanna apply this stuff to my back. Any suggestions on an easy way to do this?
  7. How do you apply it? I used tissue, but it breaks up easily. How long does it take for the marks to go away? Did anyone get some dirt off of their skin from applying it? I got some and I shower everyday. I got some off of everywhere, even my face. Thanks.
  8. My acne is pretty much under control and it used to be VERY bad when I was younger, but since Ive aged to 26 I still get some on my back. I work out a lot ie bodybuilder so the blood circulation isnt a problem. I use kerns topical stuff. The newest area of concern is my chest/neck. As far as my face is concerned, my neck has been giving me the most problems. The rest of it is fine except for the typical blackheads on the nose that I expel once every couple weeks or so. What brought me to t