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  1. Wow, great improvement. Hang in there. At this rate you will probably be all cleared up in a month or so..
  2. You're very pretty and have such a great smile. Congrats on great results. You look so radiant now. Red marks on your forehead will be gone soon. Scars on temples can be treated by peels or microdermabrasions and they will be gone in no time.
  3. Well, what a bummer! I won't be using it. Just found out that one of its ingredients is Isopropyl Myristate which is highly comedogenic -- in fact it's rated 5 which is the highest. http://www.dermadoctor.com/pages/newsletter158.asp
  4. ewe...please get a lip balm or aquaphor..I think your cracked lips are worse than your red marks
  5. You're gorgeous. I love your brows. Wish you best of luck and have you clear skin back soon.
  6. softgrey


    I thought you had a wicked mole there My skin was like yours before and accutane cleared it right up so def go on it.
  7. Just received bio oil today. It has aweful lavender smell which I hate but I'll give it a try. Hopefully it won't give me breakouts.
  8. Sorry if I may have come across as mean to you. You're certainly a nice person with potitive attitude. I wish you a speedy recovery and good results and please post a follow up. Happy holidays.
  9. softgrey


    After Accutane
  10. From the album: softgrey's

    I used to have lot of acne on my cheeks but after 4 months of Accutane, my face has cleared up nicely. I wished I had taken some of before pictures but maybe it's a good thing coz I looked aweful with acne . I still have red and brown spots left which I'm working on getting rid of them. I had foundation on in this pic.
  11. "for those who can't afford fraxel, i HIGHLY suggest the medical dermarolling. piece of cake procedure that's not too pricey. and, i believe the procedure when done properly and deep enough into the skin will promote a result. how much a result i guess just depends on how your body responds." That's how I read it from his above statements.
  12. I wish mine were big like yours
  13. You're so cute. Hope you can get rid of your acne soon
  14. I think TCA or GA peel a few times will improve that. Fraxel will give you the best results but it's expensive and maybe overkill for your scars. I am no expert, mind you.
  15. I'm still in school and don't have money to spend on expensive treatments either, so makeup is your friend. Nothing wrong with light foundation/concealer on a guy as long as it looks natural, or you can try tinted moisturizer. I know some of my metrosexual friends use them and I can't even tell if they have any makeup on. Also try home made remedies like apple cider vinegar which should help. Don't be so down on yourself. Cheers up and a hug for you.
  16. Tanning turned my red spots to light browns after a few days. I think they looks better than red spots and mine faded away after 3-4 months with the use of camellia oil.
  17. Wow, you sure can write a long post. You sound very optimistic after one Fraxel treatment so I would like you to be aware that most people don't see improvement in just a single treatment of Fraxel. You may have to shell out $875 for 3-4 more times to see the improvement. The dermaroller is actually advertised for home use so I don't think a doctor is required to perform it on you. Also while I agree with the theory behind it, how could you recommend this $500 treatment to anyone when you hav