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  1. hi hun! you are Beautiful and your skin looks soo healthy. woo

  2. Wow !! your skin looks perfect.

  3. Well, what a bummer! I won't be using it. Just found out that one of its ingredients is Isopropyl Myristate which is highly comedogenic -- in fact it's rated 5 which is the highest. http://www.dermadoctor.com/pages/newsletter158.asp
  4. ewe...please get a lip balm or aquaphor..I think your cracked lips are worse than your red marks
  5. Just received bio oil today. It has aweful lavender smell which I hate but I'll give it a try. Hopefully it won't give me breakouts.
  6. Sorry if I may have come across as mean to you. You're certainly a nice person with potitive attitude. I wish you a speedy recovery and good results and please post a follow up. Happy holidays.
  7. softgrey


    After Accutane
  8. "for those who can't afford fraxel, i HIGHLY suggest the medical dermarolling. piece of cake procedure that's not too pricey. and, i believe the procedure when done properly and deep enough into the skin will promote a result. how much a result i guess just depends on how your body responds." That's how I read it from his above statements.
  9. You're so cute. Hope you can get rid of your acne soon
  10. I think TCA or GA peel a few times will improve that. Fraxel will give you the best results but it's expensive and maybe overkill for your scars. I am no expert, mind you.
  11. I'm still in school and don't have money to spend on expensive treatments either, so makeup is your friend. Nothing wrong with light foundation/concealer on a guy as long as it looks natural, or you can try tinted moisturizer. I know some of my metrosexual friends use them and I can't even tell if they have any makeup on. Also try home made remedies like apple cider vinegar which should help. Don't be so down on yourself. Cheers up and a hug for you.
  12. Tanning turned my red spots to light browns after a few days. I think they looks better than red spots and mine faded away after 3-4 months with the use of camellia oil.
  13. Wow, you sure can write a long post. You sound very optimistic after one Fraxel treatment so I would like you to be aware that most people don't see improvement in just a single treatment of Fraxel. You may have to shell out $875 for 3-4 more times to see the improvement. The dermaroller is actually advertised for home use so I don't think a doctor is required to perform it on you. Also while I agree with the theory behind it, how could you recommend this $500 treatment to anyone when you hav