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  1. lol hey man I did it for a week (accidentally) and my face cleared up. yea I still have some of them. So it's true that you need to take a break for a while before changing to another brand. Be sure to do some exercises and go out, join a camping or hiking party. It really helps my skin. We all need to sit down and enjoy the nature anyway.
  2. Hey man, you still have this problem? If you do I will try to help you then. It's a rolling acne scar with red marks, a type of post acne scar. It means that you had quite a lot of blind pimples before and this is the after result. Tell me your skincare routine and how clean is your environment. Have you ever wear a sunblock before? Have you ever go to a dermatologist?
  3. Ahhh, just so you know, I'm getting better, It was actually a Cold Sore or Shingles as the doctor said. I mean, there is a cluster of pimples accumulated on this one spot and began to clumped together, forming a bigger pimples and I immediately got a fever from that, but thanks everyone
  4. I really wanted to see some dermatologist, but my mom thinks that my acne is caused by dirty environment and because I keep touching it (which I don't) and I even told her I may get infection, but almost everyone in my family thinks I'm too pampered. I wear mask and they would said something like "It's just a pimple".. But when I tried to hugs or kiss their hand, they will make this kinda disgusted face (of course I won't take off my mask). I'm searching for a job right now so I could go to the
  5. I know giving a close up picture is not helping, but I'm too embarrassed to show my current face. I have the same types of pimples on both cheek, chin, above lips, forehead and between my brows. I don't get pimples on my nose, so that's great. Besides, it's kinda satisfying looking at this disgustingly detailed pic. lol
  6. I have this clump of pimples that grow on the same spot, and it is super itchy. Sometimes my head feels so hot and I'll usually got fever when it appeared. My face ALWAYS full of pimples and it has never been clear. The first time I got a pimple was after I got back from a hot spring pool (Places where you sink yourself in a hot water, some of it is for medication) and I've been using variety of products (which then I regretted) and then I stopped washing my face. It healed bit by bit, but then