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  1. hey im lettin everyone know out there that accutane does work.. so dont be scared... i started out afraid and i was in so much pain. Livin with mild to severe acne can be tremendus. I was 21 wen i started n it really changed my life. its a painful journey but its not that bad. i remember not talking to girls cuz of it, im jus showin some luv n that there is hope at the end of everything!!!! u can post back ill be comin to this site for the next couple of weeks.... here is a couple of some pics o
  2. Ive been off accutane for like 5 months now and everything is going well/ i get like one pimple every 3 to 4 weeks.......... thats really good in which i was breaking out everyotherday....... life is alot better... any questions for the newbies.. holla Me now
  3. Emily........ I am very pleased with this drug...... the only thing i wish is that i had taken it alot sooner--- i remember saying i wish i could go a week with out a new break out..... and now its been like 3 months 99 percent clear... when i do get a pimple its very small and it aint the ones that hert. Accutane is a hell of a ride but worth it at the end Batman- 1 i didnt even go to my last appointment cause i knew all she would say that your finished... and i wasnt gonna pay a 100 dolla
  4. Yvette..... i was on 40 for the first two months and 80 for the other 4....... My skin wasnt that oily and im not using any topicals and good luck with everything!!!!!!!!
  5. still clear and loving the fact that i dont got pimples no more.........
  6. HEY guys im just checking up on people and im still 100 percent clear, ive had like 2 pimples in like 3 months........ like i said a million times before........ it will work give it some time!!!!!!!!! im so glad that the acne is gone, but at times i do get depressed about some of the scars that have been left behind!!!!!!!! I prey that my acne will never come back again and in the future that i can fix some of the scars
  7. ACCUTANE FINISHED 100 percent Clear still Now im hoping for my skin and lips to come back to normal Accutane was rough....... but all worth it at the 4 month mark(at least for me) Dont get descouraged about tane if your only in the 1-3 months...... because i know i was and was thinking it wasnt gonna work.... but i made it and its a miracle drug... in the fact that u dont get acne no more... but the side affects are rough but like i said all worth it at the end Any questions just hit me u
  8. Al Most Done........hopefully I Think im on my last month of Acutane....... Ive been 99.5 percent clear for the past two months. Just recently i got a small pimple on my lip and one near my eyebrow..... They were really small and their just about gone..... i hope i dont start breaking out any more-- i think its due to the fact that i wasnt taking them for around two weeks because i was going out drinking like everyday for springbreak and i was 100 percent clear..... the only thing bad about a a
  9. Sotret99 I did feel my face become alittle more oily, it deffinatly goes away in the later months and your skin will become dry and flaky(at least 4 me) I got the IB arond day 14 or so and it only lasted about 8 days.i got Only 3 zits in places i normally dont breakout at..... Still clear
  11. just had surgery.........4 months into tane......... did anyone ever have surgery on tane or know anyone whos had surgery...........?????????? Will their be any setbacks??????
  12. wow 5th course, your a warrior........ i hope this is the last course and then youll b clear 4 ever.......goodluck.
  13. dont worry about the facial dryness, accutane is already working...... Ive been on it for a complete 4 months and the dryness sucks.... Good news is that ive been clear for about a month now!!! But the dryness is so irritating........dont worry it will come, but so will clear skin..... good luck with everything
  14. Still aint had a new breakout...................... still got redmarks, dryness, and redness