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  1. I got my first pimple when I was in fourth grade. I didn't wear makeup, and I was horrified. All my friends still had clear baby skin - what was happening to me? Over ten years later, I still suffer from moderate to severe acne. This condition affects my self esteem and social interactions, even when I try not to let it. I've tried so many treatment plans and I do absolutely everything I can to prevent acne. Last week, I started a new regimen prescribed by my dermatologist. This is my last ef
  2. Hi! I've had acne for over ten years now, and I'm looking for some support. I've tried countless prescriptions and do everything I can to protect my face, but nothing seems to work. Last week, my dermatologist switched me to Epiduo Forte Gel, Minocycline pill, and Beyaz birth control. Has anyone had success with these (specifically the epiduo forte gel)? Right now, my skin is bright red, burning, and peeling. I know it's because it's the first week, but I'm hoping to hear some success stories! T