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  1. Actually, I read from people on cure zone that they got out stones without using the olive oil and epsom salt formula. So that just goes to show that what you are passing is in fact stones. The people that did it without the epsom salt and olive oil, I believe were doing the master cleanse and still passed stones, so what excuse do you have for that??? I did a liver flush a couple of days ago, and I passed about 150 stones. I did inspect them, and some of them were hard like a rock. I highly dou
  2. I had really dark red and some purplish colored scars. I started using the baking soda and acv undiluted about three weeks ago. I have to say, the redness has reduced by about 50% so far. Before I couldn't even hide the redness or purpleness with concealer to well. I had to cover the left half of my face with my hair so people wouldn't see it. Now, I can easily cover up the remaining redness with no problem and my skin is starting to look somewhat normal again. Now, all I have to do is figure ou
  3. It helps a little, but it's not like wearing makeup. The tan helps them blend in more, but you will still be able to see them. Sally Hansen has that airbrush tan in a can for legs, but I know alot of women who use that as a self tanner. It's pretty much body makeup imo. If I had to try something, I would do self tanner for the color and then sally's for more coverage. Use it sparingly because its not a big can and it cost between $7-10 at walgreens. Walmart might have it too, for cheaper.
  4. cc26

    TCA 25% peel

    I was just wondering if you had to do any kind of prep, such as using retin-a or aha for the recommended two weeks before the peel? I go on the makemeheal website quite often and all the diy'ers say you can achieve better results if you prep for a couple of weeks to thin out the top layer of the skin, so the tca can soak in better. I would really love to do a tca peel, but I've been prolonging it since it would cost me more money to buy the retin-a and aha and then buy the tca.
  5. How long did it take for you to see results using that product? I ordered that whole simply clear line because of the great reviews on Make up alley. I can't wait to get it. I've heard nothing but good things about it so far. Keep us updated on the improvement.
  6. Hello everyone. I've been doing alot of research about aloette and I'm trying to find anyone who has used their products. Alot of the user reviews on MUA are very highly rated. Higher rated than any other I've seen on there. I really want to try their simply clear line, seeing as it is made for people with problem skin. However, I don't know if it's the sales reps leaving all the positive reviews or actually the people using it. Has anyone here tried this line or know anyone that has. It sure wo
  7. My derm prescribed me bencyclin and told me not to use astringents or toners. He said if I had to use a cleanser go with neutrogena or cetaphil and to use Olay Complete for moisturizer. In all honesty though, I really think using cleanser is only making shit worse in the long run. It works for a little while and then BAM, volcanoes start erupting on my face in multiples. I noticed that my skin doesn't seem to break as much when I only use babywipes to clean my face. No soap, no water, just babyw
  8. Hello everyone. I'm new to this board and finally decided to go see the derm again. Let me start by telling you all what kind of acne I have. I am a 26 year old female and I mostly get large cystic acne on my cheeks and chin. I think it is mostly hormonal seeing as I didn't really suffer this bad until after I had my son. I have been getting really bad within the past two years. I get as many as four or five cysts at a time. Most of the time only one or two, but they are huge. Nothing works on t