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  1. So I had this reasonably small pimple that I just had to pick unconsciously whilst watching YouTube. I picked it to much that I ended up picking the skin around it which led to a huge acne scab. Whilst drying my face with a towel the next morning the scab completely broke off my skin leading to a huge red and pink make on my forehead. I have somewhere to be the next following days and since I do now own any makeup that fit my skin tone I'm going to have to leave the house with this huge white sp
  2. so i had this small pimple i just had to pick to the point of it turning into this huge dark scab that i also Had to pick and now im stuck wih this redish-pinking mark on my forehead. i already used hyseac k18 and duac for my acne but none seem to help with these kind of things. i also used some lemon but that stings a lot. WHAT ARE SOME HOME REMEDIES I CAN USE TO GET RID OF THIS IN 2-3 DAYS? DOES VASELINE WORK?