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  1. Why do i have this strong desire to pick? I feel that if i dont pop my pimples they wont go away. I am having some serious lip pimples that i have never experienced before I dont want anyone to think i have the herp but i know its not cause i saw them start out as black heads. Ugh so annoying! I will def not pick them because it will look nasty. Anyways no washing just steaming and applying sea breeze (two weeks to date). Keep you informed if anything happens. also: fish oil 2 xs, soon
  2. Sorry its been soooo long... Anyways...Im finally in my senior year of college and Im stressed out. I dont really remember where i left off. Yes my skin makes me cry still. I was recently at a free facial makeup thingy at the clarins counter and the lady who did my makeup made me want to hide forever, she said I had many problems with my face. I stopped using cleocin like 5 days ago and nothing has changed still bumpy. Im using the clarins facewash still plus the clarins pimple stopper. Th
  3. You should ask to see one of their RN's or nurse practioner. usually you can get anappointment much quicker with them. They always tell me i have to waait like 4 months hen when i ask for the other guy i can get an appointment within a week. These are the people who usually come in and talk to you first before your actual Derm comes in. They still know what they are doing and usually have more time to talk to you. IT is worth a shot, unless you really want your derm most likely you are ging
  4. Dial Spring water body wash is by far my fav. Especially in the summer. It has an antibacterial ingredient. I wanna say triclosian (sp) something along those lines. It isnt too drying and it keeps bacne and chest acne away. Plus i love the fresh scent!!!
  5. SO i have been trying to excerise often to increase the circulation to the skin on my face. I hope to notice some improvements to my skin soon. Ive been using the mint mask like two times a week. It feels like its working but i dont know for sure. My lady friend went away so hopefully the horomonal acne will go away for the next couple days. I popped a couple zits and i dont care it felt good to get that crap out. I swear pimples dont go away unless you pop them. I looked at the cleocin i
  6. ^^ HAHA my parents always used to tell me to use this stuff, they are obsessed with it. But of course they have been calling it black sab. I dont know how well it works on pimples but i used to use it for ingrown hairs and all that kind of stuff so it could work.
  7. Yeah i gave up on the ACV. I know it was prob. to soon but i couldnt take it. Anyways i am adding the Mint julep mask into this mix and see if it does anything. The first night i used it it really dried my chin up which i love!!! I am going to use it again today. No makeup sunday again! keep you posted. Still eating yogurt and taking vitamins tho!!
  8. I usually never excerise, its hard to be motivated about it when you dont need to lose weight. However, when i used to excerise my skin would look amazing! Yesterday i started doing my zone pilates again plus extra reps and push ups. Whenever i sweat my bumps tend to go away so I am going to be good about it! Its just very annoying because you have to take a shower afterwards and i shower in the morning but i cant work out in the morning. I wish i could sweat easily on my face but it never wo
  9. kind of getting discouarged with this ACV crap. I am not really noticing real differences in my skin. However, i should go out and buy braggs and stop using joe's ill give it another week!
  10. I have the same problem..I use neutrogena dry touch parasol 1789 spf 45. It feels lovely and is not greasy. But i am not sure if it is water proof she may have to reapply! Hope she has fun!!!
  11. ^^ hahaha the only way it would be additing is if it makes me have beautiful skin. then they might have to pry this glass bottle from my fingers. although my boyfriend did say i smelled like alcohol after drinking this stuff....I wonder if it will come up on a breathalizer???
  12. ^ My derm told me to take beta carotene and i was really happy with this one brand but i forgot which one it was and the next time i got it it turned me yellow/orange it was def. a very funny sight to see. I am taking one now just not in the high doses i used to. I had some grilled veggies tonight yay!! and cucumbers in vinager and sugar sooooo good!!!
  13. I know it is really hard.... sometimes i will sit over my sink with my shotglass of ACV and water in the other hand trying to tell myself its not that bad for like 2 mins. But when those fumes hit my nose and i know it is!! I almost immediatley start rinsing and gargling(sp) water right out of the faucet. My rents think i am crazy but if it brings me nice skin i will do it. Its better if i just pour it and drink it real fast.