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  1. Thanks for the complements! I want to address the skepticism of my second picture. I absolutely DID NOT touch up the photo. I am wearing full makeup(concealer, silicon filler, and machine airbrushed foundation) in that picture. It was a candid photo not for scar documentation purposes. I think the "blended" appearance is a combination of the makeup and the low resolution. I had to save that pic on low resolution to fit it whereas the first pic was saved on high resolution (note the hideously
  2. Okay, finally got the pics added. The side view is clear but I had to reduce the quality/resolution on the full face to get it small enough to submit. Hope it's clear enough for everyone. Thanks Innerhottie!
  3. I have been feeling extremely guilty lately that I have never posted updated pictures of my TCA cross results. I owe this board 100% of the credit for providing me with the information on the cross procedure. So... I am finally doing my part and sharing my results 2 years later. Basically I am extremely happy with the improvement to my ice picks and scarred pores. After 4 rounds of TCA cross and several TCA full face peels; I felt normal enough to stop obsessing over my scars and just moved on
  4. Awong~Don't get discouraged. Most people need 5-6 cross treatments to see the best improvement. Also, don't be too aggressive with the acid. I think that may contribute to some people's disappointing results. Good luck! Scorpion~Always love to hear your product recommendations. You got me started on many of the products I use. Keep me up to date w/ the must-haves!! Take care, Susan
  5. Jill, Hey neighbor. I think it is great that you are documenting your progress w/ pics. Helped me immensely. I have heard from quite a few people who said that cross made their scars shallower but seemingly wider. When I saw your pictures it sort of clicked as to why that happens sometimes. I think that if you press the toothpick too firmly or twist it, you get the acid on the borders more than the center and hence the bullseye effect. Now this is just my theory and your crossed areas may fill
  6. Scorpion vixen~ Yeah, yeah, yeah! Glad to see you are feeling better about your skin. I know you are your biggest critic so great news even though I am dissapointed that cross hasn't yielded the results you were expecting. Kep in touch! Montana~ Thanks for the compliments and all of your questions. You are definitely keeping me on my toes!! Susan
  7. Your welcome Tamara! Dermadude~ I am not a physician nor did I perform cross on any rolling or boxcar scars but it seems to me that the best way to approach a boxcar would be to apply the TCA in several pinpoint spots within the boxcar borders instead of completely covering the entire scar. Good luck, be careful and I wish you great success!
  8. I can't believe it has been 6 months since I have checked in. I guess my scar obsession has improved even more than my actual scars. Here is my update: In June, I performed a 25% full face TCA peel. This was definitely the most difficult recovery for me. Very scabby, lingering redness but I must say it really helped with the overall appearance of my skin, especially the numerous freckles. My cross treated pits look great. I believe that they may have even improved a little since my last posted
  9. I have just found a new concealer at Sephora called Amazing Concealer and it is great! A little pricey but a little goes a loooong way. Texture is great, doesn't melt off, fantastic coverage without feeling like a mask but not a huge color range so I'm sure it won't work for all skin tones. They will let you sample it at Sephora stores.
  10. Sylvia~ I'm a fellow raccoon eye girl. No long wearing mascara was any match for my oily skin until I found one called Blinc Kiss Me Mascara. I will guarantee it won't run. The only thing a little unnerving about it is it looks like all your eyelashes are falling out when you wash it off. It forms little tubes around each individual eyelash so it looks scary washing off but I haven't noticed less lashes and I have been using for 2 years. Reilly
  11. Bornunderabadsign~the complex is nice for overall complexion but not much in the way of scar improvement. What are you using post-care for your cross treatments? I used an EGF cream to enhance wound healing, aminoplexspray to reduce redness, camelia oil as a carrier oil and the HA supplements. I think the HA supplements are great ~ I think they just help with the skin's water absorption for a "plumpling" effect. . They really help with the appearance of my rolling scars (I guess they probably he
  12. Rock~ Sounds like you have a great doctor to perform test sites on you! Cross seems to work well on most icepick scars but everyone's skin is so different that testing is always wise. Richard is correct in stating that cross does work for rolling and boxcar type scars but results seem mixed. From what I have been able to gather, it works best on icepicks because the collagen matrix is able to span the scar once it is wounded. That is why you want to avoid the pit's borders~to avoid damaging th
  13. I found that makeup made my scabs look MUCH worse. I tried to cover them with several different brands of concealer, airbrush , etc. and they just looked awful. However, the post cross redness is easily concealed. The healing time w/ cross is not easy to deal with, especially if you have been acne-free for a while but the results on icepick type scarring is truly amazing. Reilly
  14. Thank you, thank you everyone. I think EGF is really important to enhance healing post cross. I experimented w/ one scar without using an EGF cream and one with and had MUCH better results on the EGF/cross treated scar. That being said, I am not endorsing Revive. As Scorpion Vixen said, she has a cream with higher EGF concentration and I believe lower cost. The important issue is the EGF not the brand of cream. Scorpion~as I have said before, DEFINITELY document your progress with pictures. I