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  1. my derm's nice enuff to give me another course. I have 3 more months and I don't want acne ever again so I'll suffer... lol have some back pain, dry skin, headaches etc. I'll live I guess :P

  2. hi. I'm on Accutane for my acne so side effects aren't fun. :( *waves*

  3. heyyy... what's up long time no talk... how u been..

  4. ... i don't think a diet change is enough..... the body's accumulated various degrees of toxins from an unhealthy diet, so changin a diet would most likely stop the accumulated of more toxins in the body, so any radical change of diet should be preceded by a fast, to help rid the body of toxins and to refresh the body and make it ready for the new change of diet.... Also it's not just what you eat that matters, but what your body actually digests..... for this the principles of food combining i
  5. ... benzoyls peroxide really dries my skin out.... it started peeling when i tried to use it everyday.. so i just stopped...... so no
  6. yeah i agree with the last guy who posted
  7. ocean water might dry your face out more than usual.... because of the salt.....
  8. acne is like any other disease.. it's not natural.... it's not natural to be sick and have diseases.... if anything goes wrong.. its' because ur doing something not natural..... at least that's what i believe...so acne sufferers are in that struggle to find the missing link to the puzzle of human physiology.... it's not like your just destined to have acne forever... there is a cause for everything....
  9. ... isn'tt mineral make-up supposed to be better for your skin, not as irritant, and more natural.... but the online companies offer samples for a cheap price... once you find your color, you can order the full size... i like em....