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  1. The 2% extra strength (the same as the BHA liquid) dries me out horribly. I can only use every 4 days. I find that when my skin gets too dry, it gets cysts. My skin is oliy, too! But this regimen dries it up some. I do use a moisturizer so I don't overdo it. Sometimes, I don't even know my skin is super dry until the cysts show up...which of course is too late. lol That extra strength BHA made me purge so bad. I had to stop because I couldn't stand it . Started slower by using the 2% regular st
  2. Ok, so here are some pics from Sept 20 (the album above included all pics and may be confusing These are from Sept 25 These are from October 9th
  3. I know this an old thread. I just wanted to add that I use a combo of 10%AHA, 1% retinol, 2% BHA and also BP (spot treat only when needed which is rarely now). I have read to make BP more effective, use the AHA first then apply BP over it. I do NOT use all of these at the same time. I alternate days and keep track on my calendar. BHA every 4th day (cause I use Paula's extra strength and can only tolerate it that often), Retinol every 3rd day, and AHA every 3rd day. IF this schedule happens to
  4. It is said that acne around the chin is hormonal. I would get some here as well. I take 8000IU of Vit D3 daily and use 2% SA, 10% AHA and retinol on a rotating basis and my skin has finally cleared. Also, Vit D3 helps regulate hormones. I used to take flaxseed oil, but be aware that it can have an estrogen effect in your body and if your hormones are not greatly out of balance, then you may end up with excess estrogen. I cannot eat soy now for the same reason since taking Vit D3 or I get cysts.
  5. If you don't want to make your own kefir, they do sell it at grocery stores. I found mine (Lifeway brand) at Walmart.
  6. That is what I was doing, though I didn't know it. I have really oily skin, so I tend to use drying products. As I get older, my skin just can't keep up I guess. My skin gets dry easily in winter, though, so I can't use the same products in winter as summer. I didn't realize the unintended damage I was doing. I heard a lot of people on here rave about Paula's Choice so I tried it in desperation. I am sad that so many of her products are high pH. I have used gentle cleansers (one of my favs was
  7. Here are some pics from today...Not a fresh washed face so I'm kinda oily, but hopefully shows the progress. My skin isn't beautiful but it is clear of active lesions.
  8. September 20, 2015 My cycle started on the 18th. Normally, a week before this I am prone to acne of varying degrees. And the few days right before would be prime eruption. However, I have not had any acne before my cycles. I think last month I had one tiny non cystic spot. A little bezaclin and it went away within 48hours and it wasn't red or angry, etc. It's presence did not bother me. VERY happy!
  9. Hi! I'm 37 and have dealt with this problem at varying degrees of intensity since I had my son..15 years ago! It has been a LONG battle. I kept waiting to *outgrow* the condition to no avail. Over the years I tried lots of stuff with varying degrees of effectiveness. I never used any prescriptions just home remedies and/or OTC. Usually, the products would work for a while and then stop. Proactiv worked a while, skintactix was really good for a while. Red jar Stridex worked extremely well and I
  10. Hi! I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I have not had a situation exactly like yours, so I can't say why it keeps refilling. My cysts never filled with blood, but after draining, they would refill with clear liquid and need draining again a few times as it healed from the inside out. After healing, they would not swell again. I can only recall one odd time that I had a smaller cyst which I drained. It seemed to heal fine. But over time ( a week or two?) it did puff up again. It was not a major
  11. PS.. My son was using my leftover Paula's earth sourced gel cleanser plus stridex in the red jar.. his cheeks were a mess. So, now I have him using the cerave foaming cleanser like me and the bezaclin spot treating..he is clearing up. Still has red marks but haven't seen the large breakout as before. I REALLY am sold on the idea that pH of the products matter! They allow the treatments to work much better. Now, if you want to wait 20 mins after cleansing for your face pH to reset, that's up t
  12. Sept 16, 2015 This Friday, the 18th, marks 22 weeks of using my new regimen. I have NOT had a cystic spot in quite a while!!!!!!!!! I haven't even had any inflamed ones. Still a few whiteheads pop up here and there and also a few plugs come out. But, overall, I have NOT had to worry about bumps on my face! I no loner need to regularly apply the benzaclin as a spot treatment. I also do not even use BP. I only need a dab every once in a while. A HUGE improvement over the the last several yea
  13. Ok, it's been quite some time since I have come to update! July 16, 2015 I am still using the cerave foaming facial cleanser. I have had no breakouts from it..rashes, itching, burning..nothing. I think it's safe to say it is non reactive on my skin. Also, have not noticed ANY clogging of pores from the cerave pm moisturizer! I can always tell on my chin when products clog up because I get white bumps and gunk coming out. But, have not seen that in a long time now. They do not seem to react
  14. I am feeling fairly optimistic again. Tomorrow is 13 weeks into my new regimen of pH balancing. I've been using the cerave foaming cleanser and have not seen any breakouts from it, so I will continue to use. I am still using Paula's Choice 2% clear BHA and have found it seems much more effective than before since my cleanser switch. I'm happy about that. I have incorporated the 1% retinol, 2% BHA liquid and 10% AHA (glycolic acid) into a rotation. Still using the Cerave pm moisturizer which hasn