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  1. Is there any kind of treatment that can regenerate (not sure if that is the right word) a superficial layer of skin? Thank you.
  2. https://www.chemistryworld.com/news/silk-route-to-scar-free-skin/3009682.article
  3. I have some reddening on my face which I think is from the sun, what would be the best treatment for this which isn't harsh? I don't know where to start, do I see a Dermatologist or a Plastic Surgeon? How do I find a good one? I'm also assuming a procedure like this will not be covered under insurance. Thank you.
  4. I thought Polarity was supposed to release their final results after this weekend after some sought of conference they had?
  5. I want to see a Dermatologist about something scar related, how do I know I am going to one that is competent in this field? I also need to go to one covered by my Health Insurance, thanks.
  6. Mederma was recommended to me, would this help at all? I always thought Mederma was a scam.
  7. What would be the best thing to put on the pink pigmentation left over (2 months post injury)? Or is it just a waiting game?
  8. So I have been using the silicone for just 2 days now and already notice a drastic improvement! I am very surprised because I always thought silicone was for hypertrophic scars. The wound is 2 months old at this point.
  9. Thank you, do you think Silicone is better than just applying Aquaphor? If so, what is a good brand of Silicone?
  10. Can I apply a Hydrocortisone cream to help with redness?
  11. I was wondering if there is any procedure that would be able to regenerate a top layer of skin from an abrasion type wound?
  12. Almost two months ago I had a slight abrasion from a rug burn that has been slightly red. I went to my Dermatologist (who has great reviews) and he said it was red because it looked like there was bacteria underneath the skin. He prescribed me Clindamycin and has been using a small stick that feels cold on it (don't know how else to describe it). Does this sound like it can be true or should i get a second opinion?
  13. So the area seems to keep getting lighter and lighter, this shouldn't scar right? Is this considered hyper pigmentation or just the healing process? It is at about day 42 now.
  14. Should I try something like Tegaderm (Is this safe to use one the face)? Or just stick with Manuka Honey?