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  1. The shade selection at my local Target SUCKED - I got Medium 2 for the concealer and it was WAYYYYYYY too light. The coverage is good though - the liquid is thick.
  2. I have the TruBlend liquid foundation, and it's all right. The good thing is that even if the shade you buy is a tad bit too light or too dark, it will slowly adjust to your own skintone. I mix some of the Trublend w/ Nivea Soft Creme for lighter coverage. I've also mixed it w/ my Aveeno sunscreen, and it works too, but feels kinda weird.
  3. I'm guessing baby wipes should be fine since I've heard many models prefer them to the standard facial wipes.
  4. It varies person to person; try at your own risk, but in general, I believe most skin products out there now are noncomedeogenic, so you should be okay.
  5. Time and time, people have claimed that the 3 step "cleanse, tone, moisturize" regimen is key to good skin, but the truth is, it's not. Everyone's skin is different, and cleansing is actually the only key step to skin care. I've heard toner isn't a neccessity and that sometimes, it actually doesn't help the skin that much. As for moisturizer, it's not a neccessity, esp if you have oily skin. It's been said that simply using sunscreen on your face can work, as many sunscreens contain vitamins A
  6. Hm, I don't really know - the only thing I've heard w/ SPF enhanced moisturizers is that sometimes your eyes will sting from the sunscreen ingredients. I personally don't use sunscreen enhanced moisturizers, as the usual SPF 15 is too weak - I mix Nivea Soft Creme w/ Aveeno SPF 30 Continuous Sunblock Lotion for the Face. You might want to try Aveeno's line of SPF 15 moisturizers, as Aveeno's ingredients are very natural. The bad thing here is that the moisturizers run $12 I believe.
  7. The results of using it as a spot treatment vary - sometimes it can completely zap a zit overnight, sometimes it somewhat helps dry a spot up, and sometimes it even doesn't do anything.
  8. Wow - guess it's not that good, then? Man, I've wanted to have a good foundation for a long ass time, but I've never been able to go buy any. (I don't have a car, and obviously I'm not gonna go out w/ my parents and ask for make up. Even though my mom doesn't care that I use concealer, I'm gonna feel awkward asking her to buy me foundation). I have a close female friend who I can talk to about anything, and I've had her buy me concealer before, but we haven't had a chance to hang out since she
  9. Neutrogena's Dry Touch sunscreens are outstanding, but for me, I've found they leave my face shiny a LOT, despite the "shine free" description. I now use Aveeno Continous Protection Sunscreen for the Face, SPF 30. I would like to give Neutrogena's Dry Touch SPF 70 a try, though. My local Rite Aids and Targets never have it. I haven't tried CVS, though, but I'm sure CVS will carry it, as 1/4 of an average CVS store is dedicated to skincare/cosmetics.
  10. Most definately at the corners where your nostrils meet your face and I also had a clogged pore under my left nostril. Last year I had major breakouts all over my jawline - those hurt a LOT, too because they were the hard type of acne.
  11. I'm just curious if anyone here currently uses or has used Neutrogena's Skin Clearing Liquid Make Up. It seems most people here are w/ ColorStay, EDM, or BM. Since Neutrogena is a skincare powerhouse, I thought their make up (blemish fighting) would be pretty good to try out. I loved their Clean Tint, but it seems they've discontinued that for some unexplained reason. So any thoughts on their Skin Clearing liquid make up? Thanks
  12. For me, icing has helped prevent pimples that are just starting to form, for ex., when you feel a hard bump starting to grow somewhere. Just days before my senior pictures, I had two red spots daring to form on both sides of my face (one spot on each cheek). I furiously iced both spots and they faded within half a day. However, the problem I find with the icing technique is that your arms will get really sore from holding the ice, not to mention that holding ice to your face will freeze you. it
  13. I'll just list mine (I have a lot of people problems): - How my skin is never clear - People who eat loudly (smacking their mouth, tongues, saliva....please - that shit is disgusting) - People who try so hard to be something that they are not - be YOURSELF. - People who straight up burp and don't excuse themselves - People who don't say "thank you" to those who said "Bless you" when they sneezed. I know it's not a huge deal, but I just think not saying thank you makes the person look incons
  14. As believable as this thing sounds, come on - how many people do you know who really live like this? I think it's impossible to live or enjoy life for that matter w/o eating all those things. People already think I'm weird enough for staying away from ANYTHING fried. And look @ celebrities and models - they eat tons of junk food and all that, yet some celebs actually have very good skin, sans make up. If someone is going to SO critical about their diet, they're never gonna be able to satisfy t