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  1. Yeap i am using DKR moisturizer. And also, my faces itches so badly( only at one area) after the moisturizer. I've reduced the usage to once BP per day. I really need some advice.
  2. Thanks for respnding. Like my face looks like i am having wrinkles. Should i totally stop the usage?
  3. Hey! I've been on the regimen for about 3 weeks now. (My skin type is Oily and Mild Acne). For the past few days, the skin is weirder. Every time I cleanse my face with the cleanser and pat dry, my face feels more stiff and rigid. Also, my face looks older. WHY!! HELP!! Psss: the Moderator please dont only answer once and disappear. Would really appreciate constructive feedback. Thank you.
  4. Hey! Just a brief description about me. Acne type: Mild acne Skin type: Oily On the Regimen: About 2 weeks Every time after the peroxide is absorbed into my skin, I apply the moisturizer as recommended by DKR. However, the moisturizer doesnt seem to absorb. Even if i wake up in the morning, my skin is still coated with the moisturizer evidently. Is this because of my oily skin? What should i do? Constructive advice and help needed and appreciated!!! Thanks.
  5. @Chloe123: As not in healing red mark. But like normal skin bleaching to lighten skin colour. (Eg. Bleaching Cream)
  6. I am on the regimen. My skin is not fully clear. However, I am keen in bleaching my skin abit. Can I bleach my skin while I am still on the Acne Regimen? If yes, how should i go about doing it? Like are there specific products/brands that I can use? Thanks. Constructive answers are appreciated.