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  1. My friend recommended me Andis Ceramic Flat Iron from Wal Mart and it works really well. Best thing, its really cheap! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Andis-1-1-2-Cera...t-Iron/10262914 You can get the bigger one for $20. I really enjoy it and have been using it for years. Heats up fast and doesn't burn my hair or make it frizzy. PS im saving up for a CHI, my hair stylist uses it when she cuts my hair and it works wonders. Worth the money.
  2. Has anyone tried Pur Minerals? Im looking for new makeup and im leaning back towards mineral makeup. Ive used bareMinerals and enjoyed it a lot but it got a bit pricey for me and the starter kit they have does not carry my color
    -Cleared my face...which is all I care about -Dryness -Redness but went away -EXPENSIVE I loved this product. It worked well for my skin and I noticed a total improvement. But now I cannot use this because it is over $120. Cannot afford BUT for those who can, I would recommend it.
    None -Make face redder -Break out more -Did not like the way it was on my face Bottom line, did not help with the redness or acne. Waste of money in my opinion.
  3. LeslieTM

    -Larger Breasts -Gained weight -BAD acne, cysts -Moody -Depression -Changed appetite -When I got off my period was worse I took this because at the time I had no health insurance and this pill is free from Planned Parenthood. Only stayed on it for little over a week because I did not like the side effects it gave me. One thing I did enjoy was my breasts got noticeably bigger, I'm tiny so it shows. However I gained some water weight and my acne was worse. I bro
  4. I feel you A LOT on that jellybeans. When I'd get my hair dyed professionally, id be so nervous when she would put vaseline around my forehead because id get bumps along the top and she would touch them. And the mirror thing, oh man waited for my hair cutting to be over.
  5. I wear concelear, pressed powder, mascara, lip gloss and sometimes blush and eyeshadow (rarely or if im going out at night to a party or drinking). But what I have noticed is when I wear makeup and people notice, im told I dont need the makeup. So I kinda feel not so pretty wearing more makeup. More people I know prefer natural look rather than all the makeup. Eyeshadow looks amazing on women I think. All the different colors and designs. I also think wearing more makeup to cover the flaws tend
  6. Im doing my whole hair. I dont like chunks or anything. Ive used Garnier Nutrisse for a year back in high school lol. The dry shampoo is a good idea. Thanks
  7. Hello All Ive been dying my hair for years and ive done it all. Ive been Blonde, red, black, and brown, even all those at the same time (bad idea but helped out a Cosmetology girl). All different shades. I always loved red and it compliments me so well. I'm thinking to go for it and do it a full on dark red. Problem is, as for anyone who knows that has dyed their hair red, it bleeds. I now use the L'Oreal Preference Mega colors. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to not make the dye ble
  8. LeslieTM

    Smells great Leaves skin smooth Helps with whiteheads Lasted a long time Easy to buy and find Good enough to use on a weekly basis Very relaxing Stings for the first minute or so Can be hard to wash off My mother introduced this to me years ago saying her mother used it & it helped with her skin. Ive been using it ever since. I love how my skin feels after and the scent is very relaxing. Helps balance my skin out and with those stubborn pimples. I use it w
  9. I use this to wash my face and love how it makes my skin look. I like the way my skin feels after I use the wash. And the smell is great
  10. Tried it in high school a few years ago, it started working but then it just stopped.
  11. Straight, thin hair. I wash it everyday. Sometimes twice if I go out or deal with work.
  12. Ive decided to invest in some good makeup. Ive worn Cover Girl for awhile and I'm not totally satisfied with it. Ive worn MAC in high school and enjoyed it but want something new. I'm very light skinned and I'm looking for a natural yet fresh look. I would like to go to the mall and find the right shade for myself, but having acne can be embarrassing but can also help me choose the right one that can cover up. Any suggestions? A friend of mine suggested Benefit and my mother uses Clinique and
  13. I have 3 tattoos My first was a Hello Kitty head on my right back shoulder, somewhat regret it but hey I love Hello Kitty so why not put it on my body. And I was 18 My 2nd tattoo is still not finished totally but I have 3 paw prints on my left back shoulder. I plan to make them thicker and add my animals letters to them as they pass away. My 3rd, and most painful tattoo was Forever Grateful on my left side stomach. Worst hour and a half of my life. But it came out really nice. I plan to get mor
  14. Ive had my lip pierced for like 2 or 3 years now. I wear a tiny stud, size 18 I believe, and Ive had a few times where Ive gotten a white head or red bump right next to it. And it is very noticeable. As for nose piercings, I think little black studs kinda look like blackheads but I rarely see those.
  15. I started using my Benzaclin again because it doesnt expire for another year and within, no joke, a day I noticed an improvement with my skin. It had worked for me in the past but I dont know why I stopped using it. My only problem is it is dying my skin and with this weather its adding a little redness. Any ideas as to what moisturizer I should use with this product? And I got insurance now through work so Im thinking of adding some medication pills again to my regimen.
  16. Personally ive used Murad in the past, about 2 or 3 years ago, and it made my skin worse. It made it more my skin red and I got more cysts and I was left with more scars. It may work for others but I am strongly against Murad.
  17. Has anyone tried them yet? I get paid tomorrow and plan on starting a new face wash regimen I currently wash my face with St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub and use Benzaclin, which has some what stopped working on my face but I have no insurance so I stick with it. However I am thinking about using the St. Ives Scrub's for acne. Thoughts?
  18. I say stock up before you run out, if you havent run out already. That's what I did.
  19. Ive been taking it for a week now and it has worsened my skin so badly. I am taking it to be on bc cause when I do engage in the act, im not always safe. I got it for free from my local Planned Parenthood. I was told it helped with skin a lot but mine is getting worse and worse everyday. Not to mention my mood is BAD. Sad, angry, lost and confused and somewhat depressed. Should I stop taking it or maybe wait it out a little?
  20. I dont believe in the conspiracy theories really but WTC 7 is VERY fishy and Loose Change did open my eyes.
  21. Im going to be making a appointment with my doctor and ask her about it. And since im still on my parents healthcare, cause my work is taking FOREVER to send me my insurance and benefits package, it will be cheap or close to nothing to see a psychologist. Im a little nervous not only to talk to the doctor, but for my parents to find out. I dont want to drag them through seeing a psychologist again. Thanks everyone for your help
  22. Deep down I know people are sincere with their compliments but I seriously cannot help but think they are lying and just being nice to me. I would post a picture but I dont have any of me really mainly because I dislike taking pictures. I just really have a effed up image of myself and how people see me. I hope I didnt come off rude about not taking the compliments seriously but I really cant accept them. Id rather hear im ugly than im pretty.
  23. Is it your general practitioner that you are wanting to ask or is it a psychiatrist/psychologist?