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-Cleared my face...which is all I care about -Dryness -Redness but went away -EXPENSIVE I loved this product. It worked well for my skin and I noticed a total improvement. But now I cannot use this because it is over $120. Cannot afford BUT for those who can, I would recommend it.

By LeslieTM,

None -Make face redder -Break out more -Did not like the way it was on my face Bottom line, did not help with the redness or acne. Waste of money in my opinion.

By LeslieTM,

-Larger Breasts -Gained weight -BAD acne, cysts -Moody -Depression -Changed appetite -When I got off my period was worse I took this because at the time I had no health insurance and this pill is free from Planned Parenthood. Only stayed on it for little over a week because I did not like the side effects it gave me. One thing I did enjoy was my breasts got noticeably bigger, I'm tiny so it shows. However I gained some water weight and my acne was worse. I bro

By LeslieTM,

Smells great Leaves skin smooth Helps with whiteheads Lasted a long time Easy to buy and find Good enough to use on a weekly basis Very relaxing Stings for the first minute or so Can be hard to wash off My mother introduced this to me years ago saying her mother used it & it helped with her skin. Ive been using it ever since. I love how my skin feels after and the scent is very relaxing. Helps balance my skin out and with those stubborn pimples. I use it w

By LeslieTM,