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  1. Hi, I've not posted in a long while and things have changed alot since then. I actually ended up being prescribed isotretinoin last year and recently completed almost one year. I'm now around 5 weeks post treatment. For over a year I've been using the same products, I settled on la roche posay toleraine cleanser and aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. Ive had no problems with either and they are non comedogenic and very gentle. Iv'e not used anything harsh on my skin since the days of differin whi
  2. You can get anti fungal tablets prescribed but cause the cream I bought was working the doctor just prescribed more of that and told me to keep using it. I'm pretty much clear of the folliculitis now but I've been advised not to use anything on my face till after my next appointment in a few weeks time.
  3. Yeah there's a 30 day money back guarantee, I only used them a few days before I had to stop so I've not really been a to give them a fair trial. I was taking tetrasysal for 8 weeks and it caused a fungal folliculitis. I'm only able to use an anti fungal cream atm.
  4. Went for my doctors appointment today which was totally useless. Initially dismissed it as acne and was going to treat it as that. I went into more detail, showed her what my skin was like before the procedures etc and told her I'd done extensive research. Told her I'd been using an antifungal cream since Sunday and that so far it's improved significantly. Still tried to pass it off as acne, until I told her that I was sure I have pityrosporum folliculitis. The next bit made me laugh. A 'doctor'
  5. I've started using an antifungal cream the past few days till I go back to the doctors on Thursday. I'm confident I've got pityrosporum folliculitis, a fungal folliculitis. The doctor pretty much dismissed it when I spoke to her over the phone, she only thinks bacterial is possible. My husband got me this cream on Sunday, told the pharmacist everything and he actually agreed with me and said I'd obviously done my research. I've not even used it 3 whole days yet but it's definitely doing somethin
  6. I got my call back Wednesday last week from the nurse. She had a good chat with the doctor who prescribed me the antibiotics and she said that it was best to stop them for 2 weeks to see if my face calmed or improved and not to use the steroid ointment cause it could make it worse (the thoughts I expressed exactly!). I was initially happy with that decision, but then I started thinking more and more. Yes it's the right thing, but not treating it wasn't. I called the doctors the next day and was
  7. 8 weeks ago I was given a 3 month course of tetrasysal for a skin infection caused by a cosmetic procedure. 4 weeks into it the infection had cleared and stayed that way for 2 weeks. For the past 2 weeks I've been breaking out more and more like this every day. I went back to my doctors surgery today and was told it did look typical of folliculitis. It's all over my entire face, the pictures don't really do it justice. It's raised red rash bumps and tonnes of little whiteheads with a few larger
  8. Hi, I'm 8 weeks into a 12 week course of antibiotics (tetrasysal). After two cosmetic procedures, i was left with a skin infection. The first few weeks I saw no change, by about week four or five my skin had actually cleared which I thought was amazingly quick. It remained clear for approximately two weeks. Then I started noticing raised bumps and little whiteheads. Each day there was more and more appearing, and now my entire face looks like a red raised rash full of little white heads. I've re
  9. Not all oils are highly comedogenic and plus my skin is very dry so majority of harsh products dry it out even further. It's very hard to find 100% non comedogenic products, I looked for a very long time. Benzoyl peroxide makes me insanely itchy and irritable so I can't use that. I thought atleast the other acids could possibly make a difference, although I could be wrong. Sls made me react really badly hence why I searched for something without it and without majority of irritants. After resear
  10. Cetaphil didn't agree with me at all, it looked like it burnt me and broke me out in little bumps all over my face after one use. I've barely wore make up for the last two and a half / three months, but when I had it was no 7 stay perfect foundation. I'm unsure about it but then I've not used it much since buying it. I find the coverage pretty sheer, I'm fair but have alot of redness etc too. My previous foundation did seem to be good for me but it was completely the wrong shade and it's an ol
  11. I almost ordered the Paulas Choice clear set but then I looked at the ingredients and I think one or two of the products contained sls, the same with the la Roche posey effaclar. It's so hard to find products without irritants. I've just ordered 3 new products myself, I'm awaiting them. I'm hoping they will be as gentle as they seem.
  12. SJ88


    I completely empathise with you, I've only just joined here and I've just typed the first part of my blog today. I'm hoping it will give me some type of outlet too. I've had acne since around age 10/11, it was typical acne back then, whereas now it's comedonal acne all over my face so it just looks like loads of bumps and white heads. I've suffered with depression and anxiety from a young age too, I was so proud when I got myself off the meds and started to take control and learn how to deal wit
  13. SJ88

    Small bumps on forehead?

    My face is exactly the same except I have them all over and white heads too. I figured after tonnes of research that it was comedonal acne but I'm yet to find a solution also. My skin also appears normal, even a bit oily but is very dry. Benzoyl peroxide makes me insanely itchy and irritated to the point of not sleeping. I'm desperately searching for new products myself.
  14. I would be so grateful if anyone could give their opinions on these products. I've been searching desperately for new products to try. If you read back on my other posts you can get an idea of my skin. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thanks in advance . https://www.facetheory.com/products/supergel-moisturiser-m3 https://www.facetheory.com/collections/all-skincare-products/products/clarifying-cleanser-c2